8 Best Places To Buy Backlinks That Will Be Quality For SEO

Usually buying backlinks factorage to rank of a website in search engine and significantly increase the percentage of product selling & traffic. Although these temporary facilities do not take place for a long time. While a number of backlinks certainly important for a website or business, their quality is so important to long time benefits. So you should impressively remember that to buy backlink is not recommended at all for better traffic value or search result.

As an entire blogosphere, to build quality backlinks for a website is always so tough because it might take a long time. We all know every webmaster wants to build quality backlinks in a short time. So they find shortcut ways to build backlink instead of natural ways.

Buy Backlinks

However, if you are a business owner or a webmaster & want to grow website traffic or rank for a long time, then you should use natural backlink instead of buying backlinks. Otherwise buying backlinks would be a king of short time search rank result. But you never forget about backlink quality.

Whether natural or paid backlink, quality is equal of both types of. If you don’t ensure of quality, you will immediately be penalized by Google for violating link schemes guidelines.

So if you over sure about the SEO service which from you are going to buy backlinks, then you would try. Otherwise, don’t take steps. So because of you, I will suggest you about a few paid backlink service providers or sites that will significantly help you to buy backlinks.

These websites are very popular for paid backlinks. So I recommend you before order paid backlinks, you should analyze the quality of service. Although I will describe here, but this will not be long.

What Is a Quality Backlink?

According to search engine technology and SEO specialists, A quality backlink such as backlink that links to your website as a keyword, keyword phrase which comes from a relevant, authoritative domain that has the same content or topic as your own Web site.

If the website linking to your site and has a high domain authority or higher page rank and has similar content, your backlink definitely good for a quality SEO backlink. Read more about backlink on Wikipedia.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare.

# So gather knowledge of good quality SEO backlinks before buying.

You can check your website’s SEO backlinks & overall SEO stats by Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite and Google backlink checker tool.

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Kinds Of Backlink Value:

In the power of backlink technology, you will find only two backlink values one is Dofollow another is Nofollow. I know you already know about these values. But if you are a beginner & don’t know clear ideas of this attribute, then you must learn. Especially as a customer of buying backlinks, you must good idea about this. It’s very important to carefully justify dofollow or nofollow backlink if you buy from paid sources. Read, Understand of DoFollow & Nofollow Link.

See, you have ordered to buy Dofollow backlinks in a paid backlink company or website. And they have provided you a list of links after completing the campaign Instead of you paid them.

Okey, But do you know which type of backlink value they have provided you? For this reason, you should minimum knowledge about nofollow and dofollow link or backlink.

You can install Nofollow Simple Google Chrome extension for checking Nofollow links of any websites.

What Types OF Backlinks Should You Buy?

There are many types of backlinks like dofollow, nofollow, natural and unnatural, and more. An action of website or business promotion depends on the website niche or business category. Probably you would spend a lot of money to buy paid backlinks for your website. So the understanding of backlink types is so important for the first time.

You have to make sure which types of backlinks perfect for promotion. If you mistake to select backlink types to increase website rank or traffic through buying backlinks, then your total money will be ruined because of recently more than 18 types of backlinks Violating Google’s Guidelines.

So be care of backlink types which you are going to buy. And always resource what types of backlinks trend Really Need Right Now.

But don’t worry, In this blog post, I will be describing the best 8 buying backlink places where you will get SEO quality backlinks.

Below 12 types of backlinks are key to take the 1st place of search engine rank & gather huge traffic for a website.

  1. Authority backlinks
  2. Bulk backlinks
  3. Blogroll backlinks
  4. Blog backlinks
  5. Contextual backlinks
  6. Blog comment backlinks
  7. Gov and Edu backlinks
  8. Real estate backlinks
  9. Social media backlinks
  10. Niche backlinks
  11. Wiki backlinks
  12. Web 2.0 backlinks

8 Best Place To Buy Backlinks For SEO:

1# Back Links: is a first growing large scale trusted link building automation platform that has been doing business over 10 years. It allows you to both buy and sell links in one place. It has ten of thousands high PR domain authority search inventory site for every niche that you would place your link with automatic time-consuming process. One thing is that you will only pay for active links that would be indexed in Google search engine.

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2# eBay: You know, eBay is a leading eCommerce website whole over the world. But It has a backlink buy-sell page for the people who would like to buy or sell SEO quality backlinks. Only quality link building experts are selling backlinks here just sold cheaply. You will always get the best eBay seller buying backlinks package that will be leading of your website search engine rank as well as website traffic. First of all, you may not find the eBay link building buy & sell page. So go to eBay category section, then Specialty Services>Web & Computer Services  > Other Web & Computer Services.

3# Fiverr: Fiverr which is a popular professional marketplace or services platform. A lot of people connect with this network for making money and buying something. This is only a buy-sell platform which you can place every order in just $5. There are many major categories on Fiverr for clients and workers like Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising, More.  So if you would like to buy Dofollow or Nofollow SEO backlinks from high authority sites, then there is no other cheap platform instead of this.

4# Buy Backlinks From Forum: In my opinion for buying backlinks, Forum is the best place because of in a forum site you will not get any automation software backlinks. You will find real people and real backlink here. Normally on a forum site is not used software for link building purpose. So if you would like to place an order for buying backlinks, you should consult with that person who will accept your order for backlinks. Here are a few high page rank Forum sites for selling link building services through their expert users.

  •         www.warriorforum.com
  •         https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums
  •         www.moneymakergroup.com

5# Links Management: No bad sound regarding Link Management. It is a reputed link building professional service which has been doing business almost 7 years. Link management is a leading high-quality SEO agency among the over 6,252 of SEO companies in the USA. It has SEO calculator tool that automatically calculates how many links your website needs to get in Google Top 10. And how much will they cost you? I also predict how much time you need to reach to Top 10 on Google. One thing is that Links management only provides DA40- DA100 backlinks and also research on competitor keywords so that your campaign would look natural to Google. So if you would like to buy backlinks, you can undoubtedly use this site’s service. It’s my recommend site for paid quality backlink.

6# Black Hat Links: is another best SEO backlink service worldwide. Most of the packages of BlackHatLinks are affordable prices. It has 6 million fresh URL for creating high-quality backlinks that will consume your time and significantly increase your site ranked well to earn a lot of money.

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7# Freelancer: If you would like to buy backlinks from real people, then Freelancer is the first place platform because it has a lot of professional link building experts that will be able to provide you high domain authority and page rank backlinks that boost your website to search engine rank and traffic without any spamming and violating Google rules. In this network, you have to find the perfect person or worker through their popularity, working history, rating etc, then finally you should decide to hire them. So I recommend you to find a worker who has a good rating on this platform for building SEO backlink. You can also buy backlinks from Upwork.

8# SEOClerk. It is not a certified platform by the most of the webmasters.  I would not recommend you a lot to choose SEOClerk as your buying backlinks provider instead of you could try Link Management or Freelancer. Although you would get here a lot of gigs or offers from SEOClerk users. But most of the gig’s offer price are not reasonable.


Okey, I think aforementioned sites are enough for buying backlinks. But remember that you will only buy backlinks that you need. Don’t waste time to buy  irrelevant and low-quality backlink. Always try to buy backlinks from high authority domain (40-90) sites.

So If you buy backlinks from worker or client base sites like freelancer, Fiverr, forum, you should ensure the quality of backlinks from the worker. You can check their previous backlink history through the backlink checker online tool then place an order.


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