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10+ Ways to Increase Returning Visitor Rates on Your Blog

Have you ever thought about your website visitors? How visitors are coming to your blog or website? And what is your current blog post bounce rate? If you already know about those questions, answer, you are a staying at the right place. But if you don’t know till now, it’s your time to learn details about those questions answer. Especially you should know how can you gather more returning visitor on your blog easily?

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So If you aren’t already segmenting your visitors, this blog post for you. In this blog post, I will share the best 10+ returning visitor secrets that will help you to bring more and more returning traffic to your blog or website.

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So let’s start.

What is Returning Visitor?

There are many long definitions of returning visitor. You can find details about web traffic even returning visitor definition on Wikipedia. But here I will not tell detail.

The short answer is that A “returning visitor” is one who comes back again in the old place. That means Naturally a visitor comes to your blog from various trusted sources like a search engine, social media networks and directly etc. But once a visitor come to your blog through a trusted source After that if they come back again we called him to a returning visitor.

Get Better Returning Visitor Results By Following 10+ Simple Steps

Naturally, the goal of your website should be to attract the reader’s mind. So probably to attract reader’s  satisfaction you have to make a more informative website or blog so that readers come back for future visits after first time visiting. If you don’t graph audience’s attention in the first time, probably you don’t get returning loyal audience.

Because creating a strong relationship with your audiences is the main key to success in your getting returning visitor journey and the first step is only the brand advocates. So getting returning visitor is the most important part of a blogger’s blogging journey. Here are I will be describing 10+ ways to engage your first-time returning visitor.

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1.Keep It Fresh!

You know it’s my first point of this blog post. Keeping visitors coming back is the most fact for increasing blog search engine rank. But the question is that how can you keep it fresh? Keeping blog freshness depends on blog niche.

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For an example, if have a product selling (eCommerce website) or service site, you can keep it fresh by adding customer testimonials or adding the latest and greatest offerings.

Number two is that if you have industry or news base website, you can keep it fresh to add latest trading topics or breaking industry news on the website homepage.

Number three is that If you have a service-based business, you should show your last blog post that will help readers to get latest and new in every moment.

Lastly, if you have an authority niche blog (personal blog), you can set your latest blog post on the homepage first place to find lasted updated post easily. This process keeps your blog more freshness.

There are may ways you can fresh your blog. But as a human, we don’t know everything. So try to keep your blog fresh as much as possible.

2. Have a great design

There are many bloggers who write killer content for their blog but they don’t get returning visitor. So why? Yes, The main reason is that they don’t use  a great design blog theme or template. So truly speaking that if you write super content on your blog, you will not get better audiences performance or returning visitor until you will use a good design theme on your blog.

So to capture more returning visitors to your blog you should choose a premium template or theme and customize its look by adding a logo, favicon, banners and include the blog name with a tagline and more features.

3. Add Popular Post Section:

Always consider keeping your popular posts on the blog homepage or sidebar section. Because after a week or a month, the most visited post would be a popular post.

Besides that, the most visited post getting more comments. So if you add a popular post section on your website, audiences easily know about the high engaging posts that can interact with readers on future visits.

4. Include viral content in every post

Including viral content in every blog post is the most important thing to get more returning visitors on a blog. Creating content is the great opportunity for the blogger to contribute in the global niche market or community. Because you know content is the king !.

So always try to write, such as content that helps to solve reader’s problems. Never write content for the search engine so that you may lose both types of the visitors if your post does not take place on a search engine. Provide solution for those by including viral SEO content with videos and other useful stuff in every post.

In other words, you should only write content for reader entertainment and solution so that your readers coming back to your site there is no doubt.

5. Maintain post constancy:

It’s an another way of coming back a visitor to a site. Regular blog posts update is not only good for search engine optimization. It also important for visiting blog again and increasing reader’s trusts.

If you don’t update blog post regularly, your readers will not get new information so that they never come back again to your site to gather knowledge or solution.

So try to create a regular blog post on your blog. If you aren’t able to write regularly, you should update at least 2 blog posts a week.  So that you never lose your returning visitor.

Note: you can also hire professional high-quality content writers to write content for your blog if you are not able to write content yourself regularly.

6. Get Subscribers

Email subscription and RSS is the another online presence for getting more returning visitors again and again. It is the best option to contact with readers for various purposes. You can stay with your valuable readers through subscription email. Most of the email subscription services are free.

But you know every free email subscription service has a few restrictions that will not perfect for the communicate with subscribers or readers. So to get more returning visitors coming back, again and again, you can use paid email marketing or subscription service tool for contacting regular base with your loyal readers. If you don’t enough money to buy paid, you can use the free service for the first time. There are problems.

I use Getsitecontrol and Getresponse as an email subscription service. It has both free and paid versions. For the fast time or testing purpose, you can use its free version.

7. Reward Your Brand Advocates:

Everyone like to get the reward it would be free or paid. So if you create a visitor’s opportunity to get a reward from your blog, the highly interested to return again. There are many ways you can reward your brand advocates. Most of the aware bloggers or webmasters use brand reward tools. Here I will mention a few reward tools that will help you to come back your visitors again and again.

  • PunchTab
  • Give Away Tool
  • Gleam
  • PromoSimple

8. Give public recognition through social media:

If someone visits your blog and benefits from that, they can share your content through various social media networks or among the friends and community. So this is the mega way to get huge returning visitors. If you would like to share a reaction about your blog or blog post, you should add a public recognition opportunity. There are many ways you can enable it. My best recommend methods are  to use SumoMe & Getsitecontrol tools or if you are a WordPress user, you can use a public reaction or like a social share plugin.

9. Make Bookmarking easy Or add Browser Notifications:

I think bookmarking is the best way to get returning audiences to any website.

Naturally, visitors find a blog post or information from search engines, social media or any trusted sources. So If you want to catch returning visitor again. You should add bookmark option or Browser Notifications service on your site. If someone clicks on a bookmarking option, they will receive notification each time when you publish any content or post on your blog. So it’s a great method for getting coming back visitors, again and again, whiteout much expensive or pressure.

10. Create a resource center on your blog:

The ‘resource’ word is not a little thing. Because behind every success is resources. So don’t neglect to create a resource page or toolbox page on your blog. Nowadays, visitors like to read resourceful content. That’s why every successful Inbound marketer includes a resource page on their blog.  So if you want to get more returning visitors, should create a highly interesting and resourceful page that can include resourceful content, niche related video, own secret tips and can add also your own other materials which helpful for your audience.

Additional Secrets for getting more returning Visitors:

  • keep your domain name short and easy spelling.
  • Avoid using unwanted pop-ups.
  • Create a blog post for top 10 commenters. See example post.
  • Allow guest posting.
  • Evade adding unfamiliar information.
  • Try to reply comments
  • Enable comments reply notification system
  • Add welcome message but it never causes of disturbed.
  • Open a board for jobs and special geeks on your blog.
  • Add affiliate program if your site about product selling.
  • Create good newsletters with attracting landing pages.
  • Create a free RSS feed by suing Google Feedburner.
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