Top 3 Facebook Reaction Plugin 2016

You know Facebook is a largest social network among the worldwide people. A huge amount of people is enveloping day by day on the Facebook network. Especially young people are highly interested in spending time on this network. That’s why, Facebook authority is taking new steps to upgrade their service in day by day. In that case, Facebook reaction is the most attractive element for every person who always wants to get extra entertainment from Facebook status. But it’s not only limited on Facebook, but also you can add Facebook reaction icon on your every blog post or comment section. That’s why in this blog post I’m going to share about top 3 Facebook reactions plug-in that will help you to add attractive emotion as an entertainment purpose.

Facebook Reaction Plugin For WordPress Blog:

There are many Facebook reaction plugin on the WordPress plugin directory. But do you know which plugins are the best for 2016 and which plugins are working well? Here I will discuss regarding top three Facebook reaction plugins that are very popular for every blogger.

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DW Reactions Plugin:

DW Reactions Plugin

DW Facebook reaction plugin is really simple and unique interface plugin for WordPress blog. There are many reactions available on this plugin. One of the most common reactions are Laugh, love, like, sad, surprised, and angry. You can add many feelings just adding the ‘like’ button on your blog post.

This plugin is capable for both devices  like desktop and mobile. It’s a fully responsive plugin. This plugin allows to easily display the reaction button and the reaction count above or below the post content. Not only blog post you can put reaction button anywhere of your blog theme by using dw_reactions() short code.

It has a premium version that has huge features. The premium version brings more cool. You can track statistics among users who have reacted, access a few more emoticons.

Feelback Reactions Plugin:

Feelback Reactions Plugin

If you seem that you want to use a good rating Facebook reaction plugin on your favorite blog, you can use Feelback Facebook reaction plugin. Feelback reactions plugin has 5 hot emotion icons that you can put your every blog content and home page. You will be able to know about your audience emotion to simply put feelback reaction icon on your post.

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Besides, you can simply discover about your blog audience’s emotion; Here are a few important features.

  • The top emotions on your site
  • Which emotions lead to the most page views.
  • How your users are feeling around the world.

Although, you can customize your default emotion at any time. There are a lot of reaction icon deign as a default. But if you would like to change, you can do. Not only Facebook reaction button but also it has share button. That means when a visitor click on your reaction icon button, Facebook share button will be atomically displayed. The plugin also provides an easy-to-spot counter to inform people how many have reacted a certain way.

MyEffecto Plugin:

MyEffecto Plugin

Myeffecto is another Facebook reaction plugin for WordPress blog or site. It’s a customizable emotion based widget plugin which helps you to increase your blog readers engagement.

It’s a very simple emotion base plugin which you can put above and below blog content. Blog readers can give feedback after reading the blog post.

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Here are the few important features of MyEffecto Facebook Reactions plugin:

  • Instant Visual Feedback
  • Share With Emotion
  • Recommendation
  • Customization
  • Upload : icons/emoji’s of your choice
  • Multi-language Support
  • Custom-Widget

Final Thoughts:

I have mentioned that there are many Facebook reaction plugins. But all plugin are not good for using. So before going to use reaction base plugin on your WordPress blog, you should pick perfect and high rating plugin. I have many researched about those plugins. Those plugins are really excellent for emotion or reaction icon.

On the other hand, if you know more plugins which are the best for Facebook reaction icon, please know me via the comment section. I will try to update that on my blog post very carefully.

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