The Best Online Store Builder Software For Small eCommerce Business

ECommerce business is the most popular business method all over the world. Now people don’t want to spend their time to go to the market for shopping purpose. So nowadays people are highly dependable on an eCommerce store.That’s why most of the people are enveloping to build online store business by using simple drag-drop online store builder software.

But if you want to be a popular entrepreneur to make an excellent online store or eCommerce store where people will be able to buy your products easily, then how can you do. Probably you are thinking, you will start it with a good self-hosted domain.

But finally, if you think, you will start an eCommerce business with a self-hosted domain, you can do it. But you have to better knowledge about how to create an eCommerce website with a self-hosted domain if you don’t use any online store builder software.

Best Online Store Builder

Ok, I think you have much experience of building an online store or eCommerce website with a self-hosted domain. Then you can choose Bluehost or iPage for hosting as well as the domain. If you choose any of them, you will get a free domain for 1 year with your hosting cost. That means you will not pay extra money for domain registration.  Ok, you are well come to start an online store with that network whatever you want.

One the other hand, if you have no knowledge about hosting or domain, what can you do? Think yourself. What is the best way to build an online store for small eCommerce business? If you don’t find any positive answer, stay with this post.

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In this blog post, I will discuss the 2 top online store builder softwares that will 100% help you to build an effective eCommerce website without any coding knowledge as well as hosting & domain.

What Is The Best Online Store Builder Software?

This is the common and an individual question for a new person who would like to build an online store or an eCommerce website. It’s not possible to give the best answer because it varies on your business teams. There are many online store making softwares that are not easy to use for building an eCommerce website.

One the other hand, there are several online retail website builders which fit for making a complete eCommerce website or an online store for small business. For your reasons, I have collected high rating 2 online store builder tools for you to build an online store that will be more engageable & beautiful.

The Best Online Store Builder Software For Building An Online Store:

Shopify (300,000 Active Shopify Stores)

Shopify is a world leading number #1 online store builder software. Shopify is the best tool for the people who would like to create a small eCommerce or online store business without coding knowledge. It has large stores that are selling millions of dollars in products.

Shopify online store builder builder

Here are some key highlights about Shopify:

  • Over 100 elegant style responsive mobile ready themes for creating a beautiful online store that looks like great.
  • Over 1100 apps for extending your business features with easy function.
  • Highly qualified experts who are available for customizing & designing your store if you want.
  • It has liquid templating language that will help you to simply modify your aspect of your website.
  • It has power SEO features that will help easily rank your online store in a search engine.
  • Shopify has excellent admin features for analyzing what are customers buying? How can you improve your e-commerce store to reflect their habits?
  • It has notable blog features where you can update regularly blog posts of articles, infographics, and videos to attract more reader’s trust and collect targeted customers.
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth with lightning speed servers & any domain name as well.
  • Coupons & discount codes feature.
  • A powerful email marketing tool that allows collecting email subscribers through MailChimp.
  • 24/7 any time support.
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There are many features of Shopify online store builder tool that are not possible to describe a single post. But if you would like to check all features of Shopify, you can visit Shopify official page.

Moreover, you have a great news that Shopify offers to build an online store with free. You can create your online store in just 60 seconds with simple steps. So you can try free 14-day trial before finally start an online eCommerce business with Shopify.

Try Shopify Free For 14 Days.

BigCommerce (95,000+ Active Online Stores)

Bigcommerce is another the best online store builder software for growing your sales & intuitive eCommerce websites. It is a trusted online store making tool which available for all types of business owners like small or large. Basically, BigCommerce is a suitable tool for small business & also large business as well.

It has a compressive high technology for building an eCommerce website with simple steps without any coding knowledge like Shopify. But it’s not more popular than Shopify tool.

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BigCommerce online store builder software

Here are some key highlights about Bigcommerce:

  • It has 100+ stunning eCommerce themes that enhance your brand and engages shoppers.
  • It has pre-approved experts for hire to design your online store.
  • BigCommerce has an industry-best theme framework features that helps you to build complete and profession design online store or eCommerce website.
  • It has more than 20,000 stories from other e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Magento etc.
  • BigCommerce has an excellent migrating feature that allows you to migrate within 5-10 days without any problem. That means you’ll never miss a beat or a sale when you switch.
  • Coupons & discount codes feature.
  • BigCommerce has globally 2,000 designers and developers who can help you to build a powerful and unlimited business without much time.
  • It has also 24/7 live support through the phone, live chat, and email like Shopify.

Not those above features of BigCommerce tool. It has many features like Shopify. Although BigCommerce has bit more tools available in its basic package. But I think Shopify is better than BigCommerce’s features and designs.

Try BigCommerce Free For 15 Days.

Last Words:

There are many international and local online store builder tools on the internet. But  aforementioned online eCommere website making software is the most popular among the worldwide eCommere business owners.

Especially if you serious to create an online eCommerce store, you can start with Shopify because it has unlimited features that you will not get any others tools.

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