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5 Short Domain Name Suggestion Tools You Never Miss

Whenever we start a new business, we need a good name which will effect on our business. The same thing occurs with a website domain. You need a good brand or domain name in your professional business industry if you want to do long time business. There are many domain name suggestion tools on the internet. Some tools are free, some of paid. But today I will show you the best short domain name suggestion tools that will be a beauty for choosing your domain or brand name in just a few minutes.

Domain name suggestion tools

For your interest, I would give you an inspirational short suggestion how to choose a brand domain name for your website? Although I don’t know the name of your niche or business. But If you want to create a niche blog, you should choose a keyword base domain name which should be short like Gosview, Shoutmeloud, Labnol etc. Because the short domain name is too easy memorable for all persons. Significantly this type of name will be more reader engageable.

So I highly recommended you to choose a short and easy spell domain name for creating a website.

List of Business Name Idea or Domain Name Suggestion Tools:

Particularly thanks to Google for giving me a handy domain name idea generator tool. Because I chose my blog domain name (GosView) by a free name suggestion tool which I will describe below.

Apart from a domain name suggestion tool is so much handy tool that will always help you to get a keyword based short name idea which will be your niche related. But searching a quality domain name significantly important when you get to buy a domain for $.99 using Godaddy Coupon Code: “cjc99com“.

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In my case, after getting my niche based blog domain name (Gosview) I registered it free on Bluehost. Although I paid at only $2.99/mo for hosting purpose that was low cost for me. One thing is that this offer of Bluehost is still working now. So if you want, you can free register your domain in Bluehost with one year hosting at only 3.95/mo.

Ok, back to the domain name suggestion topic. The below classy list of sites which only used for getting quality keyword-based domain name idea that should not avoid.

Shopify Business Name Idea Tool:

Shopify Business Name Idea Tool

Actually, Shopify is a tool which only for creating professional e-commerce site in just 60 minutes. It has a remarkable Business name generator tool which will give you 100% accurate results. But the restriction is that Shopify only provides .com extension domain name suggestion. This tool is my favorite tool because I got my blog domain name from this. So if you would like to get keyword based quality .com extension domain name suggestion, you can take help from Shopify.

Click To Go Shopify Business name generator tool


Domainsbot tool

Domainsbot is another enthusiasm domain suggestion tool for getting quick and quality domain name idea with accurate availability. Domainsbot offers to modify search results with many TLDs (extension), language, etc. It has included with the Sedo network for buying an available domain. But this is not fact, you can complete purchasing steps on other networks like GoDaddy, NameCheap, HostGator, etc. You can also check available domain by using Prefixes & Suffixes filter. Domainsbot has an excellent recommendation feature which provides keyword-based domain name idea within a short time.

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Click To Go Domainsbot tool


Panabee tool

This is a pretty cool domain name suggestion tool which allows showing domain name suggestion with all extensions. You can easily able to find keyword base microdomain name in just a few minutes. But sometimes this tool doesn’t show accurate results. For that reason, you will have to check domain name availability by clicking each time.

Click To Go Panabee tool


Namemesh tool

I’m laughing now because Namemesh is a funny domain name search tool but more relevant. It has many eye-catching features for researching new domain name. You could get the suggestion from its awesome features like common, similar, new, SEO, short, fun, extra & mix based. Namemesh tool has a max length characters feature which will help you to find characters limit based available domain name.

Click To Go Namemesh tool


Domaintools tool

According to a status, with more than 125 Million active [dot] com domain names registered. So Naturally, getting demand base available domain name is so tough. But Domaintools has solved this problem. Because this is the great tool used semantic domain name technology for finding a powerful available short & long domain name. Domaintools allow finding with 4 extensions unregistered domain name. But one this is that you cannot research a long time in a day without a Domaintools account. So if you would like to research unlimited, you must have to register.

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Click To Go Domaintools


Try to choose a good search value micro  keyword for generating domain or business name. It had better firstly, research micro word in Google keyword planner or SEMrush keyword tool. After that, you can use these domain name idea tools. The best suggestion is that select such as domain or brand name that will be easily memorable and up to 5-10 characters limits.

Share your idea with us in the comment section. Which short domain name idea tool did you use or will use?


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