How To Use Sentence Structure Checker Tools With Combine Method?

A lot of content is being written every single day. Continuously the Bloggers & the freelance writers are writing English articles to publish their blog or sell online (Contentmart is the best for article writing platform) . A good writer probably is doing well in this writing industry because they are expert in writing profession as well as they aware of how to use a sentence structure checker tool for developing skills.

But if you are a new in this industry & don’t know how to write errorless articles, how would you reflect?

Even if you don’t have good knowledge of English grammar as well as sentence Structure.

What is your way to go ahead in front of the writer’s 1st place?

Sentence Structure Checker

One of the best answers is that you have to use proper sentence structure checker tool that solves your complete grammar errors.

Although you have to minimum knowledge about English grammar and sentence structure because a sentence structure checker tool only helps you to solve common grammar mistakes which you cannot grab normally.

Certainly, a grammar and sentence structure checker is a machine. So It has no ability to solve as like human. But if you use grammar checker tools with a combined process, then you would solve 80% grammar mistakes. This percentage is not a bit low if you are weak in English grammar.

Okey, if you seem, you are an expert in English, then leave this post. But remember that many expert writers mistake grammar in their writing. So it’s truly speaking that  most of the pro writers use a paid or free online grammar checker tool like Grammarly, Ginger,  etc.

However, you may be an expert or inexpert in English writing. But question is that if you would like to use a free online grammar check app or tool, then how to solve all common and maximum advanced grammar mistakes in your writing?

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In above paragraph, I have discussed that only one grammar checker online tool cannot solve all errors.

That’s why I have discovered a proven combine formula to solve all common grammar mistakes with just a few minutes without any cost.

Process Of Combine Method:

I will combine two  sentence structure checker tools one is Grammarly another is Ginger to solve the grammar errors, miss spelling, sentence correction, synonymy and autonomy suggestion etc.

What is Grammarly Tool?

In short, Grammarly tool is a world number #1 free & premium English  language writing-enhancement platform which developed by the Grammarly inc. Grammarly has more than 250 grammar rules for detecting grammar mistakes. It has also  proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources that will help you to check duplicate writing.

One thing is that Grammarly has ultimate Firefox & Google Chrome extension for solving all English grammar related common issues directly from your browser with just a single click. To learn more, check Grammarly Wikipedia definition.

“Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.”Writing Improvement ReviewForbes

Free Signup on Grammarly Tool

What is Ginger Tool?

Ginger is a free & premium language processing & sentence structure checker tool which is an Israeli start-up company. It has launched in 2007 to solve all natural grammar issues. Ginger has also a Safari & Google chrome extension which is used for solving any grammar mistakes directly from browser. There are many features of Ginger sentence correction tool. To learn more, check Ginger Wikipedia definition.

Free Signup on Ginger Tool

Okey, back to the main topic, before going to combine process, you have to Signup both tools Grammarly and Ginger and have to install their chrome app.

After Signup those tools, open Grammarly app on your browser and click on the New sheet for writing something.

Grammarly New sheet

If you use Grammarly app for draft writing, you can solve 80% common grammar errors because only Grammarly allows solving sentence structure correction even all grammar mistakes while writing.

I suggest you solve the common grammar issues while writing in the Grammarly app.

Note: If you don’t want to draft in Grammarly, you can use Evernote, Hammingappway, Microsoft Word, etc. If you use any of them, then paste your draft on the Grammarly after completing writing. Then solve all common grammar mistakes free.

Grammarly writing app

Okey, I think you have solved all errors detected on the Grammarly tool. But don’t forget you have advanced mistakes.

So my combine process is that how to solve those advanced grammar errors which have detected on Grammarly.

Note: You cannot determine or solve that advanced grammar issues on Grammarly if you use its free plan. So if you would like to solve advanced grammar issues or sentence structure mistakes, then you can use Grammarly paid plan just for (1) monthly $29.95/ month, (2) Quarterly $19.98/ month and (3) Annual $11.66/ month.

Grammarly Plans and pricing

Grammarly Plans and pricing

Okey back to the combine process.

Now you have to paste your draft article on the Microsoft word to run my combine formula for completing common and minimum advanced grammar issues.

Next step# Wait a few seconds after putting your article on the Microsoft word document. A few seconds later you will see some highlight words which are called writing issues that did not detect in Grammarly tool as common issues. The error words automatically highlighted by the Ginger grammar checker tool.

How To Solve Grammar Mistakes by My Combine Method?

You know this is the second steps for my combine formula. So to resolve grammar issues through the Combine Method or Ginger sentence structure checker is so easy. Just simply place mouse cursors on the highlighted word, then you will get auto grammar suggestions.

Grammar correction by Ginger tool

Note: If you use Ginger paid plan, then you  can solve word issue directly clicking on the suggested word, whereas in the free plan, you have to solve by typing to see suggested word.

Now you have to solve that all mistakes by the Ginger tool to read line by line. It’s my combine process to solve more grammar mistakes.

My Recommended Advice & Tool.

In this formula, you are able to write good English without grammar common issues or errorless sentence structure. One the other hand, if you use Grammarly paid plan, then you never need this process to solve mistakes.

So I always advise you, if you are a content writer, student or freelance writer & you have enough wallet to buy, then you should upgrade Grammarly free to premium plan. Otherwise, you can try my sentence structure checker combine formula.

Final Thoughts About Sentence Structure Checker

I have said that any tool or software is usually machine. That’s why a tool isn’t able to solve problems is like a human. So you have to use a sentence structure Checker tool to solve any grammar mistakes in your writing. Otherwise, you have to gather more natural knowledge about the English language as well as grammar.

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