11 Secret Blogging Tips And Tricks That Make You Rich

Blogging has become the greatest way of earning for the people who don’t invest much money. As it is easy and simple way, so most of the marketers and people are trying to make a good amount of money from their blog.

If you think that some articles on your blog will bring the huge profit. You are totally wrong. Without a qualified blog, you can’t reach your goal.

For getting a profitable or high-quality blog, today, I will share some foolproof blogging tips and tricks for you all.

Tips Number 1# Set Up Your Goal

Firstly, you have to set up your goal. You have to select a niche that can bring profit for you. Niche is the first and the main element of a blog.

So, be careful about your niche. During selecting a niche, you have to remember that:

  • Niche must be profitable.
  • The search volume of the niche must be high or medium.
  • The competitors of the niche must be low.

You can also use free Google keyword planner or Semrush for research Niche keyword.

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If you want to good search value niche keyword, you can use Semrush which is my recommended keyword research tool.

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Tips Number 2# Keep Your Headline Attractive

A headline is the first component or ingredient that first appears the audience’s eye. If post headline is attractive and a visitor can find his desirable components in the headline, they go through it.

So, always keep your headline informative and attractive for getting targeted audience.

Headline analyses report

Headline analyses report by Coschedule free headline analyzer tool

There are many tools that can help you to create an amazing headline. From of them, I always use Coschedule free headline analyzer tool. It shows a score of your headline that helps to understand the quality of the headline.

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Tips Number 3# Spend Time On Your Blog

Spending valuable time on your blog for reader’s is one of the most blogging tips and tricks.

Besides, you can hire some professional people for helping you to spend time on your blog. This can save your time and help to make a profitable blog.

When you make a design of the blog, keep in mind that design must be related to your blog or blog niche.

Not only designs, you have to spend time on your blog to improve overall performance.

Tips Number 4# Add Your Site To Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best tool for analysis any website performance.

Through adding your site into Google analytics, it will show you about the details of your site. How many visitors come in a day, how much time they spend and much more information you can collect from the Google analytics.

Google Analytics report

GosView.com 1 day Google Analytics report.

I think It behaves with you like a good friend who always stays beside you.

Tips Number 5# Post-Effective Content

Try to create your content effectively. Effective content helps to hold your website for a long time. If your visitors can meet their demand with your site, they come to your site again and again.

A powerful content not only attracts your audience but also build your position in the market as a professional blogger.

In this case, my recommended is that you should spend most of the time to create high-quality content. Because you know content is the king of any blog or website.

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If you write high-quality content regularly, your blog will receive more traffic from the search engine or other sources day by day.

On the other hand, If you are not able to write good content, you can hire someone or use contentmart which is the best site for article writing whole over the world.

Tips Number 6# Make your post at least 1000 words or more

Now a day, long post is one of the greatest blogging tips and tricks.

A long post can build up your authority. If your article is short and your audience is unable to meet their thirst with your article, they will not interest to return your site. Through a short post, you can’t go in depth about any subject.

Whereas, you can discuss details easily and clearly with a long post.

Not only audience but also Google likes a long content for ranking search engine.

But, always remember that long post means not boring post. Many writers write a long post, but the post has filled up with the worst thing.

As a result, the visitors stop to return.

So always write long and informative articles so that visitors spend their valuable time on your site with any hesitate.

Tips Number 7# Bold Your Targeted Keyword

To create the attention, bold or italic your targeted keywords so that people can find their desirable thing. It pulls reader’s attention.

Tips Number 8# Add Related Images On Your Blog

Add related images on your every blog post so that visitors can clearly understand about the post. An image helps to pull the audience attention.

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Most of the pro bloggers & Marketers suggest to add at least one related images in every single post.

On the other hand, you should try to keep image size short otherwise, the big images can slow your site.

Tips Number 9# Add Social Button

Social button is the most important blogging tips and tricks. By clicking a single button of social media, your post will share in many famous social media platforms.

This is the greatest opportunity to share your post on many social media networks.

So try to put your social media button at the top of the site or the sidebar of your blog.

Social Button

Add Social sharing Button on your blog sidebar or below content.

If you would like to more readers engage with social media, you can use SumoMe social share tool.

Tips Number 10# Post regular in your Blog

Visitors want more and more post from the owner or blog author. So try to post articles as much as you can. Through this, you can easily stick your audience.

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Tips Number 11# Finished Your Post With Conclusion

A conclusion helps to increase the beauty of the post. By a fantastic post, visitors want to know a summary of the post.

It also enhances the reader’s engagement. Always ask a question from the beginning of the post that makes the post more enjoyable for the readers.

Over To You:

There are many blogging secrets. Probably you cannot learn all secrets in a single day.

So if you want to improve blog authority or performance, you have to spend more time on your blog every day.

Besides, the hidden blogging tips and tricks have revealed in my post. So If you want to be a professional blogger, you must follow these tips.

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