10 Recommended Adsense Alternatives Of 2017 With Approval Tips

You already know Adsense is the world number one CPC (Cost Per Click) & CPM (Cost Per Impression) ad network for high traffic websites even low traffic as well. So remember that there are no real Adsense alternatives. Getting an approved AdSense account is the dream of every blogger.  In the last few years, It was so easy to get an approved AdSense account. But nowadays, Google Adsense program policy has been changed, that’s why to get a fully approved AdSense account is so tough and challengeable.

It is so difficult to retain after getting approved. Even your Adsense account would be banned by Google at any time if you violate any AdSense terms. So the questions are that once your Adsense account is banned by Google and  can not recover or did not get approved, What will you do?

Adsense Alternatives

As you have grown your website traffic & want to make money from your website. So probably you never stand aside. There are a few high paying Adsense alternatives like Vigilink, media.net, etc that share a decent amount to their publishers.

Where Google Adsense is a contextual ad network that offers you a better opportunity to earn huge money, but a few best Adsense alternatives which will mention in this post, are not contextual ad platforms. For an example BuySellAds is a direct advertising program, InfoLink offers in-text link ad and Viglink allows to monetize your blog outbound links to affiliate links.

Income report of Viglink

Income report of Viglink from a Fashion blog (Musingsofamuse):

However, if you are a person who did not get an approved AdSense account or got banned by Adsense. Don’t worry, you can still use the below recommend Adsense alternative ad networks in your blog even along with Adsense. Although these ad programs will not share revenue like AdSense. But you will be able to earn handsome money that not bad then empty pocket.

Note: Believe me, these ad platforms are highly recommended by the popular publishers who are earning 2-3 figure money from each network. But at the end of this post, I will give you a few similar Adsense alternatives from this list that are my number#1 recommended.

Yup, before going to Sign Up these ad networks, you should check your website traffic stats in Google analytics, because some ad programs are not permitted to Signup if your website doesn’t under their guidelines.

10 Adsense Alternatives list Of 2017

Network Name
Ad Types
Min. Payment
Targeted Text & Display
$100 (Paypal/Wire)
Display ad/Page level
Text ads (Affiliate ads)
$10 PayPal
Display Ad
0.001 BTC
Contextual ads
$10 (PayPal)
In text, In Search, In Tag
$50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU)
$1 (PayPal, Payza, & Skrill)/$100 (bank wire)
Display Ad
$50 (PayPal/eCheck /ACH)
Propeller ads media
Display/Popup/Page Level
$50 (Paypal)/$100 (Payoneer) /$500 (Wire Transfer)
Display ad
BDT 500(bkash)

1# Media.net:

Media.net is a 3rd largest high CPM & CPC contextual ad program powered by Yahoo and Bing. It has also 100% fill rate & dynamic optimization between text and display ad. It has many ad formats like AdSense ad formats and has good combination customization features that will help you to match color with your website layouts. All ad sizes of Media.net are fully responsive, so that you will easily get more benefits from various devices like mobile, tablet, iPod, etc. You can also join its referral program that shares 10% revenue to their referral partner.

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Once if you get a media.net approved account, you need not to Signup for their referral program because one approved publisher account is enough for the partner program.

Approval tip: Sometimes to get approved account is so tough if your website does not receive good traffic. According to their program policy, meida.net share high revenue to their publishers if their website traffic comes from the US, UK, and Canada. So If you get good traffic from these countries, you must easily get an approved account. Other then, it may be so tough.

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2# AdOptimal:

Many of might not have heard the name of AdOptimal but without you. It has online since 2013 and more than 100,000 sites are using AdOptimal ads to their site. It’s both display & page level ad program which has innovative tech features to create ad units. It allows customizing ad unit with website layout and color. The ad code of AdOptimal is very simple that will not affect your website load time. You can also monetize your mobile traffic with this Adsense alternative network.


Approval tip: There are no critical Signup process and approval restriction if you have good traffic to your blog. Just simply fill up Signup form and take rest because AdOptimal takes up to 2 business days for completing the approval process.

One the other hand, you will get $15 free for the premium website. So here is my advice if you have a good traffic blog, hurry up for Signup and get $15 free for Signup bonus.

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3# VigLink:

VigLink is a completely different ad program from these Adsense alternatives which I have mentioned in this post. VigLink is my one of the best Adsense alternative ad program. Not me, it’s very popular among the professional bloggers. Although It’s not a cost per click or cost per impression display ad network. Actually, VigLink is  SEO friendly link inventory ad platform which automatically adds new links to affiliate links to an e-commerce or business site.

Viglink ads

VigLink is great for all niches, especially for tech gadgets & eCommerce sites.

For an example, when your website visitor  to purchase any product or complete any Lead through the website outgoing link, you will get pretty decent money.

Approval Tip: There is no difficult terms and condition to get an approved account. Just simply register and you will get an account instantly.

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4# Mellowads:

Mellowads is another simple CPC & CPM Adsense alternative display ad program for low and high traffic blog. It has a mega ad customization feature to create a dynamic ad style with different sizes. If you have a blog which receives decent traffic, then you might earn up to 2-5 per day. Although it will depend on your website’s niche as well as traffic. Actually, Mellowads is a bitcoin base ad program. It pays revenue to publishers at the end of the month in bitcoin currency. So if you would like to cash your total earning, you have to convert bitcoin to your local currency through the third party bitcoin currency exchanger.

Mellowads report

Approval Tip: Before going to apply for a publisher account, your website’s global Alexa rank must be under 10 million. Other then, you will be rejected by Mellowads network.

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5# Infolinks: Infolinks is an in-text link ad & highly recommended profitable blog monetization ad network by bloggers and publishers. Infolinks offers to implement ad unit to your blog with various sizes like InTag, InFrame, InFold and InText . But one of the best ad sizes is in-text & iFrame ad units. But it does not offer to advertise in contextual ads like Google Adsense.

Infolinks ad network

Approval Tip: No extra or hidden rule. But it would take up to 24 hours to active your account.

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6# Yllix media:

yllix media is a simple CPC, CPA & CPM international display ad network, which generate revenue as much as possible for publishers. It has various ad types with 100% fill rate for both mobile and desktop traffic.

yllix ad program

Approval Tip: Instant account approval!

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7# Chitika:

Chitika is a smart advertising network than other AdSense alternatives. It is one of the best products oriented CPC program which offers up to 3 types of modern, responsive ad units such as Search Targeted Ads, Mobile Ads, and Local Ads. It has super customization features like AdSense. Chitika allows showing relevant ads to a website’s content which generate more clicks and revenue.

Chitika Adsense alternative

So if your blog receives most of the traffic from the US, UK OR CANADA, then it is the 2nd Adsense as an alternative.

Approval Tip: Instant account approval!

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8# Madadsmedia:

Have you heard the name of Madadsmedia. Yes, It’s a CMP based 100% fill rate display ad network which for small and mid-size websites. You can show lowest and highest cost per impression based ads on your site through the custom setting. MadAdsMedia has more than 100+ RTB advertisers like Google Double Click, Microsoft advertising, OpenX, MediaMath, etc which always bid for your inventory.


There are many popular ad sizes like 728*90, 300*250, 160*600, 300*600px etc. The most important thing is that you can easily set the bypass ad in every ad unit by using other local ads which help you to make extra money. You would also use this network along with Adsense.

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Approval Tip: It’s like Mellowads network. Your website must have to be at least 10,0000 pageviews per day for getting approved.

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9# Propeller ads media:

Propeller ads media have been doing business globally since 2011 with various premium ad publishers & advertisers. It’s a CPM based 100% traffic monetization display ad network, which almost 65m advertising impressions served daily across the global. Ad code of Propeller is pretty simple that will not lazy your web page speed. Propeller maximizes your income by global web, mobile traffic  across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates.

Propeller ads media

Approval Tip: Absolutely instant account approval network. But getting full access to a dashboard or create ad units, you have to verify your website with this network to implement meta code in your theme <head> section.

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10# G&R: Yup; G&R is a popular CPC and CPM ad network of Bangladesh. There are no any alternative ad networks than G&R in Bangladesh. So if your blog in Bangla or you want to monetize a blog through Bangladeshi traffic, then you can use Green and Read Ads. Although It is a global ad network. But I think it’s the best Adsense alternative for the Bangladeshi traffic.

Green and red

Approval Tip: No critical guidelines. Just simply fill up the registration form, then submit for review. It could take up to 2 business days for getting full approved account.

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My Number #1 Recommended Adsense Alternatives

  1. Media.net: It’s a targeted text & display CPM ad network for the best of the UK, US & Canada traffic. Minimum payout threshold $100 through PayPal & Wire transfer. You will earn 10% commission from each referral person’s revenue.
  2. VigLink: It’s great for e-commerce as well as tech websites. It offers normal links to affiliate links. Minimum payout $10 through PayPal. It’s great as referral partner that share 35% commission.
  3. Infolinks: It’s a popular ad network for bloggers. Minimum payout of $50 for PayPal or $100 for Bank wire. Referral commission 10%
  4. Chitika: It’s a contextual base best Google Adsense alternative ad platform. Minimum payout $10 through PayPal. Chitika offers to earn 10% commission for each referral.

Note: I didn’t discuss BuySellAd because getting BuySellAds approved account is so tough  then Google Adsense. So if you have a low traffic blog, you should avoid it . 

Over To You:

There are countless advertising platforms on the internet. But there are no Google Adsense alternatives. But you know ‘something is better than nothing’. I always advise you before going to select the best Adsense alternative for your blog niche, you should try A/B test. It might help you to understand which ad network is perfect for your niche.

So lets me know in the comment section which ad network do you prefer to your blog. And Which advertising network is the best from this list.

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