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Gathering loyal audiences and increasing website authority is the common thought of every webmaster. You can collect those in different ways. But If it happens with the community or forum, how would be? Yes, you can amass huge returning traffic and rapidly increase website authority to add a high engaging community or forum on your site. From this concept, I was finding the best tool for creating the complete discussion system for my site. After hard resources finally, I get Muut tool.

Muut Forum Demo

I have created an elegant design & high engaging forum on my blog at So  I think this is the time for sharing my experience with you about Muut.

Check out my newly created forum. Although, I’m working on my forum to develop features. So don’t anything else.

However, in this blog post, I will describe the best review of Muut and also share some important tips that will help you to create ecosystem forum, community or message board on your site easily.

Create my community!

Muut: Perfect for Creating Community & Forum:

Muut is totally complete discussion system for a site. You can create users happier and more likely to return system through this tool, which also allows creating the fastest and simplest forums, community, commenting and discussion board anywhere on blogs, galleries & news.

Moreover, Muut over 1.8 million COMMUNITIES DROVE 12 years OF USAGE TODAY. And more than 13k users JOIN in every WEEK.

Muut Tool

One the other hand, Muut was born in 2009 looking for a replacement for an aging forum solution for a site.

Imagine that, This company has been doing business over 7 years with three separate systems and an excellent reputation.

Muut always committed to the following things:

  • Muut is forums and commenting unified
  • Easy Embeddable for blog/website
  • 100% easily styleable
  • Muut is 100% responsive
  • Super fast loading
  • More lightweight
  • Real-time analyze
  • Full responsive mobile friendly.
  • Simple and uncluttered

Why Muut complete discussion system for your site?

We hope something new in our every step. If our system is a premium, probably we expect something new. That’s right. So you may have a question why Muut?

Besides that, you can think another thing to use other tools for the same solution. Because there are umpteen tools they’re able to create an engaging Eco discussion board on a site.

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But the question is that how they work and what are their features?

Hopefully, We don’t know anything before testing. Am right.

But in this tool, I have already tested. That’s why now I will be conferring about some important features that I got to use.

So let’s start.

Public interface of Forum:

Okey, There are many public interface features of Muut community board. Once If you embed forum code on your blog or site, you will get a lot of features that will be a power of your forum or discussion board.

Public interface of Muut forum

Public interface of Muut forum

Admin Interface:

There are a lot of options to control your discussion board through the admin panel. Even you can change anytime your forum template, discussion topics, user ban, Online live stats, user Signup role, font size, background etc. So everything possible to change through admin dashboard.

Muut Admin Interface 01

Muut Admin Interface 01

Muut Admin Interface 02

Muut Admin Interface 02

Possible features of Muut they’re essential for a community or forum board:

  • You can setup all thread’s email notification system.
  • You can add sticky posts or threads to the navigation panel on the right sidebar.
  • Users cannot delete a post after 2.7 min whereas forum admins/moderators can delete.
  • It has both automatic and manual spam control system.
  • A user cannot generate content before admin approval?
  • Users can posts a content with an image.
  • User can Signup or Login with social networks like Facebook & Google+
  • You can easily able to manage profile.
  • Users, Members, Moderators, and admin online status.
  • Collapse posts facility.
  • Excellent post writing Window.
  • Post formatting features like fonts, color, bold, italic, image upload, link use, emoticons etc.
  • Control new replies, flag post, sharing, and highlight.
  • You can use a primary domain or any sub-domain.
  • 100% search engine optimization capability.
  • Google Analytics setup opportunity.
  • You can embed a forum with two methods like True & iFrame.
  • Multi Language embedding and codes, etc.

Not only the above features but also I curtail discuss regarding a few major features that will be more easement for you to create an attractive forum or discussion board.

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From Dashboard:

A Nice looking dashboard is the primary view of any persons. If your forum good looking or have an excellent dashboard interface, probably you will get more response from your members or audiences.

So, don’t worry about Muut forum dashboard. Because It has an elegant dashboard that will be really attractive for every user. It almost looks like the Quora community.


You may get many forum creation tools. But you may not get elegant style forum templates.

forum templates

Forum templates

So I think Muut is the perfect solution for the huge & attractive forum or community templates. You can anytime change your forum, community and message discussion templates there is no restriction.

Online status:

You can anytime check how many visitors or members are on your forum. Because Muut has ultra technology user online with profile picture status feature. If you want, you can show it on your forum for public viewing.

You can also set up Google analytics on your forum for the best traffic resource.

Forum user online status

Forum user online status

Discussion topics/Channels:

You can anytime add or remove discussion topics/Channels from your admin panel. To add and remove topic is pretty simple. Simply click the forum setting icon from Muut admin panel. Then you will get an option to add or remove topic/channel.

Add Discussion topics

Add Discussion topics/Channels

User Signup and Login interface:

Muut has social media Signup and login feature. User can easily Signup and login your forum through Facebook, Twitter & Google+ account. But if they want, they can Signup or Login through their email.

User Signup and Login interface

User Signup and Login interface

Simple Ways To Create Engaging Community & Forum For Your Site.

There is no need to step by step guides for creating a Muut account. Because creating a free Muut account is pretty simple.

Just simply go to Muut registration page and input your community/forum name, username, email address, and password. Besides that, click ‘Create My Community” button. That’s Ok.

creating a free Muut account

Note: You need no any cost or Payment Detail to create a Muut account for the first time. Because It has free 14-day trial for a new member.

How to embed Muut forum on your site?

Embedding Muut forum to any website is really simple. When you create a new forum from  Muut Admin panel, you will get a code for embedding. You will get the forum embed code in the last steps of forum setup.

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Just copy the newly created forum code.  After that, go to your blog or website dashboard.

Then create a new page named ‘Forum” or whatever you want.

Next, paste embed code on your page and finally publish. That’s ok. See screenshot for an example of Muut forum code.

Embed forum code

Embed forum code

Note: You can embed your forum code in existing page. If you want to add code on your site existing page, you have to select a page which you already created on your site. See the above screenshot.

Create FREE High Engaging Forum On Your Blog!

Muut Pricing & My Review
Pricing is always one of the main deciding factors for purchasing any product.

For a lead user, Muut pricing is really affordable and & a complete value for the money.

But you have a great opportunity to use Muut service for Free 14-day trial with full features.

So If you want to test it for the first time, you can start immediately with its free trail plan.

But remember that, After ending the free 14-day trial, if you seem its service is perfect for you, then you can upgrade it free to premium.

It has three plans like Mini, Small, and Medium. Mini plan price is only $16/mo, Small $36/mo, whereas Medium only $96/mo which for the large forum.

Muut Plans & price

Muut Plans & Price

One thing is that after ending 14-day trial if you don’t upgrade, your account will downgrade to the FREE plan.

That means you will not able to operate any service until upgrading your account.

Although. I wrote this post when my account was free 14-day trail.

Attention: For the first time, you can upgrade its service to a Mini plan which cost only $16/month. But if you want, you can upgrade it with other plans like a Small or Medium.

Check out Muut Now!

Have you ever used Muut before? What is your opinion? Do you think it’s worth the money?

Let me know in the comments below.

Finally, if you like this review, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus!


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