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How To Make Your Own Blog AT Only $11.88/Year? Step By Step Guide

Do you want to  make your own blog at only $11.88 for a year with a free domain?

If you say yes, then you can read this step by step guide because this guide only for that person who would like to create a WordPress blog with low cost but super fast hosting.

Ok, I think you will make a blog with low cost like GosView. But before creating an own blog, you have to remember a few things. Because making an own self-hosted blog is so tough if you have no the following materials.

  1. You have to need a payment method like PayPal or MasterCard.

Note: If you have no a PayPal account, just create or You can use Payoneer MasterCard. If you have no Payoneer card, you can apply to Payoneer for a MasterCard and get $25 Bonus)

Another way is that If you would like to instant MasterCard to purchase digital products like hosting or any other products, you can Signup Nettler and apply a Virtual MasterCard.

  1. You have to minimum $12 in your payment method for making a complete blog.

Note: If you want to use a Premium WordPress theme, you have to need extra $19. It’s an offer price of Mythemeshop. But regular price is only $47.

Now before going to the next step, you should remain the both 1-2 materials.

Okey, finally I hope, you have the above all requirements. Now you want to make your own blog.

How To Make Your Own Blog?

First of all, have you chosen the name of your new domain? This the most important step to creating a successful blog. If you fail to select a good domain name, probably you should suffer many bad things.


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