How To Make Your Own Blog On BlogSpot Platform?

Nowadays blogging is a professional job among the young people. Most of the persons are choosing a career as a blogging. Many persons are enjoying a better life on this way. On the other hand, most of the persons choose blogging as a hobby. That’s no matter which type of case to choose blogging. But if you would like to create a blog, you have to take some efforts. So in this blog post, I will attempt to discuss how to make your own blog by using the Blogger platform.

What is Blogger (BlogSpot) platform?

It’s a common questing for newbie’s who don’t know about BlogSpot or blogging. However, BlogSpot is a free blog creation platform of Google. You can make your own free blog on this platform. There is no restriction to create a free blog. One thing is that you need not any cost to make your own blog at any time.

What are the main benefits of BlogSpot?

There are many free platforms on the internet for creating free blogs. WordPress and BlogSpot are the most popular free platform whole over the world. But BlogSpot is a free platform for newbie’s because most of the new people try to make a free blog on BlogSpot at the first time. There are many benefits of Blogspot. Some important benefits were being given below.

  • It’s a free popular platform
  • Easy customization
  • Flexible interface or dashboard
  • Multi-layout facility
  • Top quality theme
  • SEO optimization
  • Monetization facility with Google AdSense and more
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An example of BlogSpot Blog Domain.

If you would like to create a free blog on Blogger platform, your blog domain looks like That’s means; ‘BlogSpot’ is the part of your free blog. You cannot remove it until you have upgraded. If you would like to omit ‘BlogSpot” name and create your own domain name like, you have to upgrade your blogger account o premium domain and hosting.

So if you want to create self hosted blog, you can use hosting and Domain at only $0.99 which is very low cost for every newbie. I’m currently using 1and1 WP Basic hosting on my blog at Gos View. It’s a super fast hosting for pro and newbie bloggers.

Step by Step guide to Make Your Own Blog On BlogSpot?

Before going to create a blog on Blogger platform you have to create a Gmail Account because Blogger does not support other mail accounts to create a free blogger account.

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So let’s start.

Go to blogger and login it by your Gmail account. After that Click on ‘New Blog’ option which has left side on the Blogger dashboard. Now click on this option.

New Blog’

After clicking, you will get a new interface to create a blogger domain name. Here you have to type your Blog Tile and domain name. After that choosing a blog theme which do you prefer, then click ‘Create Blog!’ option.

Create a free Blog

Now your newly created blog is ready to use. You can preview your blog using ‘View’ option. If you would like to view your new blog, you have to click on blog name which you have recently created.

After that, click on ‘View Blog” option which has top of your specific blogger domain dashboard.

How to Update Post on your newly created Blog?

Click on Blogger logo icon on your dashboard. After that, click on your domain name. Your specific domain dashboard has been opened. Now if you would like to update post, you have to click ‘New Post’ option.

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After that, you will get a new blog post editing interface. Here type your blog post and blog title in title section and finally publish it by clicking “Publish’ button which has located the right corner of the editing interface area.

If you don’t understand to read this blog post, you can watch my YouTube video tutorial about how to create a free blog on Blogger platform.

Over to you:

Blogger is very easy usable free platform. You can create the unlimited blog on this platform. If you can create a better blog on BlogSpot, you can earn huge money from your free blog by using blogger monetization like Google Adsense. So create a free blog on BlogSpot and become a part of the blogger.

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