How To Improve Site Navigation And User Experience?

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet today. Normally we take different steps to improve our website performance as well as navigation. But we have a lack of taking the right decision to get better user experience & site navigation. There are many Ignorant webmasters who don’t care about their site navigation or user experience. For that reason, they don’t get better SEO results in search engines as well as from web audiences.

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Even, you don’t get a Google Adsense account because of your site bad navigation. Not only for Adsense, most of the affiliate programs don’t allow bad site user experience or navigation to approve.

Site Navigation

For being high-quality contents on your site, you don’t get SEO results like search engine traffic, keyword rank etc. Because Google always sticks to site navigation. If your site is not well navigated, you might lose your loyal traffic & search rank.

However, If you dive in the Google, you will get thousand of negative effects of bad site user experience. So think yourself, how much important of site navigation? Read more definition of site navigation on Wikipedia.

But don’t be depressed, because in this blog post I will be describing the 10 proven methods to improve your site overall navigation and you will get fascinated benefits that cannot imagine.

10 Ultimate Ways To Improve Site Navigation:

1.Use Accurate Navigation Titles: Linking title is one of the best parts of site navigation. Blank link title always harmful for better site user experience as well as search engine rank. So never blank your site overall title which possible to link.

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2. Use Related Post: Your site navigation will improve until you will add the best techniques. To add related post on your site sidebar and below content is the best practice for increasing site navigation or user experience.

Tip: Inline related post is a powerful WordPres plugin to automatically insert related post on your site with a category or tag base.

3. Fix Broken Links: Broken Link is the most common harmful element of Google plenty even bad user experience. If a visitor doesn’t find the proper destination after clicking your link, probably they will fill boring. They will not return your site because of you will lose your regular returning visitors. So you should always check broken link & try to fix them very quickly.

Tip: You can use Borken link checker plugin for finding broken links and fix them within a short time.

4. Internal Link: Website bounce rate will depend on internal links as well. Over-optimize internal link may be the cause of bad effects. So when you use an internal link, you should carefully think how much value of text you are going to link? According to SEO experts, 3-4 links are the perfect for a blog post as an internal link. So use internal links properly for getting better site navigation results.

Tip: SEO Smart link plugin is the best for auto internal links on your every blog post. This plugin will help you to reduce time to link to other relevant posts.

5. Use Page Pagination: Page pagination is another part of improving user navigation. It increases users’ time to spend on a site. Unfortunately, most of the WordPress themes did not contain the page pagination system which may be a number (1,2,3), next or preview, etc. So before installing a theme, you should check theme’s page pagination feature.

Website page pagination

Example of Website page pagination

Tip: You can use Schema or Beginner theme for a better user experience and page pagination system.

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6. Use Breadcrumbs: If you enable users to find your category or tag base previous blog post in a search engine or site, you have to use the breadcrumbs feature. This is the only way to find a web page in a category or tag base to improve better site user navigation. So you should clearly display them at the top of the blog post where people can easily find your blog posts with breadcrumbs system. For example, Home > blogging >tools.

Yoast Breadcrumbs option

Yoast Breadcrumbs option

Tip: If your theme doesn’t capable of this feature, you can enable WordPress SEO by Youst plugin‘s breadcrumbs option.

7. Use A Drop Down Or Sidebar Menu: If you have a lot of categories, you can use drop down menu for excellent site navigation. But don’t hide any category in the drop down menu section. One the other hand, if you don’t like to use a drop down menu, you can keep topic’s categories on your website sidebar. This way will help to user to access content by category base directly from the homepage.

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8. Use Text Based Links: Text base link is better than image base link. Text base link improves search engine value & quick navigation of a site. So try to use text base links.

9. Most Viewed Posts: To get more user engage, you must put most viewed posts on your site sidebar or any other place which will be relevant for readers engage. This is the fastest method for improving more user engage as well as user experience of your site.

Tip: WP most popular is the great plugin for displaying most viewed post on a WordPress site.

10. Use A Good Search Box: Search feature or box should have In every site. Users always search relevant contents or posts through a search box. If the visitor will not find the relevant result, though your search box, they will not be able to search again in the future. So if you would really like to improve site navigation along with good bounce rate, you should use the clear search box that will always show relevant & related information.

Good Search Box

Tip: If your theme’s default search box does not work properly, you can use ‘Search Everything plugin‘ that will show accurate and related search results in just a few seconds.

Bottom Line:
Every improving carries a lot of things. You cannot avoid this quote in improving your site navigation. If you are a beginner, you should follow these tricks to improve site user navigation for the first time. Note down on comment section how much knowledge you learned from this post?


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