How To Enable Gmail Forwarding Service?

Truly speaking that, we cannot image without Gmail. There are a lot of people using Gmail as their mail service. Because Gmail is the largest email provider service which the part of Google. So if you ask me, why a lot of people use Gmail as their email provider. Yes, the answer is that there are lots of features in Gmail. That’s why most of the people highly interested in using Gmail and Gmail Forwarding Service.

But do you know, you can forward your all email message to another mail account that may be Gmail, Hot mail, Yahoo mail etc. Yes, you can do it. So the question is that how can you forward Gmail message to another email account?

Probably you don’t know about this feature and don’t know how to enable email forwarding service in Gmail account. Don’t worry, in this blog post, I’m going to share regarding how you can enable email forwarding service from your Gmail account setting option? So let’s start.

Ultimate step by step tips about Gmail Forwarding:

It’s pretty simple to Forward Gmail message to another email account. You should carefully read the below all steps to enable Gmail forwarding service.

First of all, you have to login your desired Gmail account. After that click “setting’ option which is located in right corner of the Gmail dashboard.

After clicking setting, you will have to click ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ and click ‘Add forwarding address’ button.

Now you will see a new window, write your email address which you want to forward your email message.

Type your email address and hit the ‘Next’ button.

After clicking ‘Next’ you will get a new window for clicking ‘proceed’ button to configure Gmail forwarding service.

So click ‘Proceed’ button.

Now you will see the new window which message will be “A confirmation code has been sent to [email protected] to verify permission.”

Now click ‘Ok’ to send a confirmation code to your forwarding email.

Wait, here is not ended, now you have to login your forwarded email with the password. And click the inbox message which has an email forwarding confirmation code.

Finally, copy the code and paste it in the email confirmation code box. See the below screen short for better understanding.

After that, click ‘Verify’ Button.

What are you thinking? Have you completed your all steps? No, now you have to enable Gmail forwarding service.

Gmail forwarding option always disable by default after confirming email. Now tick the second option written ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to..’

After scrolling down configuration page, click “Save Change” button. Now you are ok to enable Gmail forwarding service.

How to Disable Gmail Forwarding Service?

To disable or remove Gmail forwarding service you have to login Gmail account and click setting option.

After that click ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ option

Now click on your email address which you verified for enabling email forwarding service.

After clicking you will get a new message which will be ‘Confirm active forward address removal related.

Now click ‘Ok’ Button. After that, you will get a new message like ‘You have removed the forwarding address [email protected] That means you have finally removed your email from Gmail forwarding service.

Over to you:

Mail message forwarding service is a great feature of Gmail. If you have a multi Gamil account, you can enable Gmail forwarding service to reduce login time. You can set multi email account by using this feature. If you enable this feature, you will get huge benefits like  to get copy of individual email message, archive message, level massage etc.

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