How Affiliate Marketing Made Me A Better Salesperson Than You

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. You can make huge money if you know the details of affiliate marketing tips or strategy.

Who want to reach through online, most of them choose affiliate marketing as an online money making way.

There are many affiliate marketing tips. If you do not know the proper tips-tricks, you can not be successful as an affiliate marketer. That’s why you will have to know right affiliate marketing tips or strategy to become successful or win in this section.

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Affiliate marketing

So in this blog post, I will share the best affiliate marketing tips from my experience that will help you to get more sales and leads.

8 Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed For Beginners

1.Affiliate Marketing Links

When you will start affiliate marketer, you will use affiliate links. But I suggest you always avoid ugly cloak affiliate links. You should have to make your affiliate link easy and short.

You can short your link through link shorten sites like. Google shortener, and Thirsty affiliate plugin. These sites allow you to short your long link easily.

Note: Thirsty Affiliate cloak link example:

If your normal affiliate like this but after cloaking default link by Thirsty affiliate plugin your affiliate link will be like this

So if you use a short link, you can make happy to your customers. Customers trust short and decent links more than long and indecent links.

2. Write Product Review:

Writing reviews is one of the important affiliate marketing tips. It is another working strategy. Reviews can explain details of a product or a company can easily graph customer’s mind.

Before buying anything, every customer or readers must see the product reviews. Because It helps them to know about the details of products.

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Can you imagine? If you don’t write a review of your affiliate product, how can they choose the best and latest products?

A good review can pull customer’s attention and also helps to sell products. If you want to write a good product review, you must mention products’ features, pros & cons clearly to the customers.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another affiliate marketing tip. You can collect the targeted huge email through email marketing. There is a great opportunity to inform your offer to the customers through email. This is an effective way and I as well as many marketers like it.

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To collect targeted email, you can create a blog. In the blog, you can add an email subscription form for the visitors so that visitors can submit their email in the form & you can collect email list that.

Email marketing

You can also share your link with the post. When a reader reads your post, they find your link. If once reader/customers likes your offer, they click your link and get the full details about your products.

My Recommended Email Marketing Tools:

  • ConvertKit: It is my best tool for Email marketing even professional bloggers. There are huge features like high converting landing page, Email opt-in form, Autoresponder, A/B test etc. It has no free or trial plan. So if you would like to be a professional email marketer, you can buy pro plan.
  • Getsitecontrol: It’s a powerful, perfect widgets tool for your website: surveys, email opt-in forms, contact forms, popups, follow, share buttons and live chats & more. If you are a beginner, you can start a free plan for the first time. Currently, I’m using this tool on my blog at gos view.
  • Getresponse: It’s another online email marketing tool. There are huge features like high converting landing page, Email opt-in form, Autoresponder, A/B test etc. It has one-month free trial opportunity. So if you want to grow email list rapidly, you can choose it.
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4. Create My ToolBox Page:

You can create my toolbox page in your blog. In this tool page, you can include a lot of tools you use. You should make it easier for your visitors so that they can see your  affiliate products. You can also write a good review for your resource products so that your customers can understand it clearly.


5. Create Ad Banner

Ad banner is really a fantastic affiliate marketing tip. You can make an awesome ad banner for your visitors. You can use it blog sidebar, footer and above your header. You can get the banner from affiliate marketing network to promote the products and add code in your blog. A research says that banner gets the highest click from customers & readers. Through a banner, you can make a lot of money.

Add Banner widget

Example: As shout me loud Header Ad Banner

A research says that banner gets the highest click from customers & readers. Through a banner, you can make a lot of money. For adding banner code on your WordPress blog, you can use Adsense Inserter plugin.

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6. Add Offer Bonus Widget

There are many blogs that mention about this. You can inspire your customers to give them a bonus when they purchase  a product. This trick of bonus affects their mind and encourages them to purchase a product.

Offer Bonus Widget

Example: Wpbeginner Offer Bonus Bottom Widget

You can apply this trick when many marketers offer the same product. You can give them anything as a bonus that useful to the customers.

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So adding the bonus widget on your blog important places like header, sidebar, and popup, you can use Getsitecontrol widget that uses on my blog here at

7. Always Be Honest

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you should be honest. If you want to stay a long time in affiliate marketing profession, you must provide a good product to your customers. It helps customers to believe you.

A dishonest man can get huge profit from their product, but they can’t stick a long time.

When you promote a product to your customers, you should inform clearly about the advantages or disadvantages of the product. If you do it, you surely reach the highest position and can be a successful affiliate marketer.

8. Spend Some Money

If you really want to get profit from the affiliate marketing, you should spend some money. You should buy some profitable products. Because firstly you should use it and know clearly about it and then suggest it to the customers.

I don’t think that you can know everything about a product if you don’t use it. So, offer any product to your customers, you should use it first that is my most recommended.

Bottom Line:

These affiliate marketing tips help you to promote your product easily. You can use this to promote anything. So please always offer a product to your customers that really useful.

However, if you have any question about his post or affiliate marketing, please know me via the comment section. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

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