8 Social Networking Sites For Growing Business & Web Traffic

Social networking sites are the meeting place where many people can share their knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. It helps people to come closer.

Many of use Facebook and Twitter to promote their products or to get website traffic.

Social networking sites make our life easy and simple. It plays a vital role in our daily activities.

There are lots of social networking sites in the internet world. However, some are really effective.

Social Networking sites

So In my post, I will share a little knowledge about the most popular social networking sites that will help you to drive more traffic to your blog.


Facebook is the most popular and high traffic social networking site. It occupies the first place in the world. Facebook started his journey in 2014. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. From the beginning, a few people use it. However, today, every month approximately 1,721,000,000 people use Facebook in his/her daily life.

Facebook is a not only a social sharing site but also a market place. Here most of the marketers give their product’s ads and get a huge benefit. Not only a marketplace but also Facebook is largest web traffic source.

You can promote your website or any product through Facebook. Facebook can help to promote anything by their ad campaign system. If you want to more traffic, you should spend money on the face. To promote anything, there is no site like Facebook.

So you can create a free Facebook account and can exchange your ideas or knowledge from now.


Twitter is another top social networking site. You can easily create a free account like Facebook. When people post something, It is called “tweets.”

Though Twitter is like Facebook, but you can’t write your post than 140 words. So, here you have to express your thoughts in short.

Twitter started the journey in March 2016, and Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter. You can increase your Twitter follower to get a good result. If you have a website or product, you can promote them through Twitter.

You can get targeted audience to apply some tricks. If you would like to know more about Twitter, you can visit Twitter Wikipedia.


LinkedIn is my favorite social networking site. Here, you can find a job, discover sales lead and connect with your business partners. Actually, professionals use it most. If you want to find the professional people that related to your business, you should join on LinkedIn Network.

You can join here with free like other social networking sites. You can join many groups that related your business. You can promote your business with free or paid. Paid is an automatic system to promote a business or getting web traffic.

If you want to get large numbers of traffic for your business, I suggest you take paid option.


Pinterest is a great social networking site. It is based on the female site. Here, most of the users are female. Your post is called here pin, and all pins stay in boards.

So if you want to success here, you should create amazing visible content. You can create a free account and create many types of the pin board.

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On the other hand Pinterest marketing is the first growing marketing sector among the word wide internet marketers. So if you want to grow your business or to get huge traffic, you can start Pinterest marketing today.


MySpace is the largest social networking in whole over the world. It also huge web traffic site among the blogger and marketers.

When you join MySpace, you have to create an awesome profile in it. Then, invite your friend to join with you. Make a huge friend list in MySpace to grow your MySpace profile. The restriction is that if you are not fourteen years old, you can’t create an account.


Bebo has taken the second place in the United Kingdom among the social networking sites. It allows users to create a free account. You can upload your latest photos, favorite videos and any other information that you want. The site lets you connect with many friends even old friends.


Friendster is one of the greatest social networking sites. Friendster was designed for those who like to connect with friends, family, colleagues and many new friends through the internet.

You can find people of similar interests, backgrounds or geographical locations. You can share your pictures, videos, or anything on this network.


Classmates is different from other social networking sites. Most of the features are premium. It is used to connect again with old classmates. The site allows you to view other people who went to the similar school that you went.

Though most of the features are paid, but you can create a normal profile that is free and very easy.

Final Thought:

There are many social networking sites around the world, but I have given that are the most popular & high traffic. If you wish to connect a lot of people and want to grow your business as well as you, you should connect these sites.

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