Top High Paying Affiliate Marketing Network 2016

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways of earning money. It’s one of the oldest make money online method. It’s basically internet advertising method. You can make money through affiliate by generating sales, leads, and traffic. So before starting affiliate marketing, you should choose a right affiliate marketing network.

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In this post, I’ll share the most popular and high-paying affiliate site that will be more profitable for affiliate marketing profession .

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks That Pay High Revenue


Clickbank is one of the largest popular affiliate marketing network. You can find here high paying affiliate products. Clickbank offers you to promote profitable products that useful for the customers. It’s one of the best high-paying site from other affiliate sites.

ClickBank Affiliate Network Home Page

As marketers, you can find your product in Clickbank easily as you wish. All products of Clickbank give you 60 days money-back guarantee. As a result, you can trust Clickbank without time spending.

Clickbank also allows you to submit your own product. If you submit a good product, your product will be browsed by customers. So if you want to more money by doing affiliate marketing, I think Clickbank is the right place for you.

Join ClickBank Affiliate

 2. Rakuten Affiliate

It’s an e-commerce marketplace. Earlier Rakuten was Rakuten was founded in 1997. Scott Blum is the founder of this network.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Homepage

In the beginning, it sold only computer related product for the customers. But gradually, it enhances his activities. It has more than 18 million customers. You can find here approximately 38,500 shop owners and 90,000 products. So Rakuten is another place for making money from an affiliate program.

Join Rakuten Affiliate

3. CJ Affiliate By Conversant

It’s an online advertising marketplace. CJ (Commission Junction) operates their work from Santa Barbara, California, and many others cities.

CJ Affiliate HomePage

You can shop your best product through their affiliate marketing network. Not only shop but also there are huge products for promoting affiliate products. So CJ is the best place for making money from affiliate products.

A research shows that every year millions of customers shopping here. So if you would like to start affiliate earning, you can undoubtedly join CJ affiliate network.

Join CJ Affiliate

4. Amazon Associates

It’s one of the most popular affiliate earning and online shopping site. You can buy or promote product easily through this network.

Amazon Affiliate Program HomePage

Not only promote affiliate products but also you can create here an online store where to allow visitors to browse their favorite products. You can also search products by category base on this network. As a result, you can promote unlimited Amazon products as you wish.

Join Amazon Associates

5. ShareSale Affiliate

ShareASale has been doing business for 15 years. It was founded Chicago in 2000. It’s the oldest affiliate network that provides service to affiliate marketing. There are many features of ShareASale. You can use it without any knowledge because developers have made it user-friendly.

ShareaSale Affiliate Network Homepage

So, if you want to join a high paying affiliate program, you can choose it. ShareASale is my high recommended Affiliate marketing network.

Join ShareASale Affiliate

6. eBay Affiliate Program

eBay is another affiliate marketing program and online shopping store. But it’s the most popular affiliate network among the worldwide online marketer or bloggers.

eBay partner program Home Page

One thing is that it has huge product collection for promoting. You can easily sell your best product through eBay. It has easy features. That’s why most of the marketers like it.

Join eBay Affiliate

7. Avangate Affiliate

Avangate is an affiliate marketing network, but a few marketers know about it. Most of the marketers are not familiar with Avangate. There are more than 4000 businesses company attaches with it.

Avangate Affiliate Program Home Page

One thing is that approximately, 180 countries trust Avangate. So you can join it for making money purpose but it’s not my recommended affiliate marketing network.

Join Avangate Affiliate

8. Flexoffers Affiliate

It’s a premiere affiliate marketing network. It makes a profitable relationship between skilled, strategic and online publishers and a robust portfolio.

Flexoffers affiliate Program

This company has 10-years good experience in the affiliate marketing sector.

Join Flexoffers Affiliate

9. Avantlink Affiliate

It’s an another affiliate marketing platform. You can find here technology-related products for your affiliate marketing purposes. This site always tries to stay in updates.

Avantlink Affiliate Network

I don’t know much information about Avantlink affiliate. But some of my friends are using this network as an affiliate program. That’s why I mentioned it on this blog post.

Join Avantlink Affiliate

10. RevenueWire Affiliate

RevenueWire is another good affiliate marketing network. This is my favorite network. This site works like Clickbank. It’s also a global e-commerce platform that sells products through online.

RevenueWire affiliate network

You can choose your favorite product through it. So if you want to join a commission base affiliate network, you can join it. Remember it RevenueWire affiliate program is now affiliatewire.

Join RevenueWire Affiliate

Last Word:

The above affiliate networks are very good and trusted networks. If you want to be a professional affiliate marketer, these sites will help you to earn more revenue. I’m suggesting you to use Clickbank, ShareSale, and CJ as affiliate marketing network because those 3 networks have a very good opportunity for the affiliate partner.

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