Getsitecontrol Review: Perfect Widgets For Your Blog

When you decide to start blogging or create a website, you may face with a big problem. You may fail to get returning visitors to your site. To solve this problem. You can find many tools or plugins like SumoMe, ConvertKit, Hellobar etc. These tools or plugins will help you to get returning visitors or customers.

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But do you know about Get Site control? Yes, Get Site Control is a tool that increases visitor’s engagement. This tool is very simple but powerful. You can easily install this tool on your WordPress blog, HTML or PHP site. One thing is that like other tools, Getsitecontrol will not slow your site page load.

Getsitecontrol statistics of

Getsitecontrol statistics

You can find many widgets in this tool like surveys, opt-in form, contact forms, promotions, follow and social share button. These types of widgets help you to manage your site easily.

So In this post, I will share with you the best review of Getsitecontrol that will help you to know details about it.

GetSiteControl Review

What is Getsitecontrol?

Getsitecontrol is a perfect widget tool that helps to get more visitors, subscribers, social share and more. This tool works automatically. You just apply your wishes into this tool then watch the magic. Getsitecontrol increases visitor’s attention with its effective features.

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You can use premium or free version. You can use the basic command with its free version but premium version allows you to do everything that you need.

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The Best Widgets Of Getsitecontrol

As you know, It’s a free and premium tool, you can’t get all features in a free plan. However, with its free part, you can operate your business nicely.

Here I will discuss details about Getsitecontrol so that you will not face any problem when you operate its widgets.

Getsitecontrol’ widgets are following:

1.Subscribe Widget

Subscribe widget option of Getsitecontrol is very easy and effective function. You can find here eye-catching popup, left-right sidebar, website bottom-top and more Subscribe widget interfaces. You can feel comfort when you use it because it’s very easy to use.

Subscribe Widget

You can easily customize most other Opt-In Forms from its dashboard. Getsitecontrol allows you to save a list of subscribers on its servers. You can easily download the details data from here. You can also create the huge email lists that help to get more leads.

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2. Share Widget

Share widget mean’s spread your content or anything among the people. This widget allows your visitors to share your content on various social media networks. It’s a helping tool to grow up your business & more readers engage.

Share Widget

If your visitors like your content, basically they want to share them with their friends or people. This widget helps them to fill up their wishes to share.

Not only your visitors but also you can share your content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp.

3. Promo Widget

The promo widget helps your visitors to pay more attention to your important contents.

Promo WidgetYou can easily create a pop-up, left-right, bottom and top promo widget within a minute. The promotion widget also helps you to increase your sales.

4. Follow Widget

Follow Widget

You can add important social media sites to your blog or website. You can also add Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest profile ‘follow’ button by this widget. ‘Follow’ widget helps you to quick increase your communication and popularity among the people.

5. Survey Widget

Survey Widget

You will get a survey widget in a free version. This widget can help you to create the survey form for the visitors. However, if you want to get full features of the survey, you have to upgrade free to paid version.

6. Chat Widget

Chat Widget

Chat widget of Getsitecontrol lets you chat with your visitors. This widget makes a close relationship with your visitors. If you have a blog, e-commerce, or product selling site, you can add a live chat widget for better customer support and sales.

7. Contact Widget

Contact Widget

You can add your contact widget on your website for the first contact with you. This widget helps readers to know you more closely. You can easily add here radio buttons, checkbox or drop down lists.
This tool also helps your visitors to contact with you more easily.

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Getsitecontrol’s Features

• Can use any blog that allows custom codes.
• Can easily customize the Text, colors, Buttons and Images.
• Can automatically match tool’s color with theme’s color.
• An exit pop-up helps your readers to exit your site.
• Create an opportunity for your visitors sharing your most important content.
• Create a better relation with your visitors through chat widget.
• Can increase your sales through the promo widget.
• Appear a thanks message to your subscribers.
• Can download full subscriber’s details from Getsitecontrol.
• Take closer your visitors to you through the contact widget.
• Show full data of Google Analytics.

Getsitecontrol’s Features

All plans Features of Getsitecontrol’s

Getsitecontrol’s Customization

Getsitecontrol is a web-based tool. You can easily handle all customizations.

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If you want to customize any widget, you have to Login your Getsitecontrol account. After that, you have to choose your widget that you want to edit or customize.

Getsitecontrol dashboard allows you A/B testing to create many same widgets. However, there is a problem. If you are a free version user, you can’t do it. Only paid version user allow to do it.

If you know one tool customization, you can do other because the processes of other widgets customization are same.

However, Now I will share subscribe widget customization. Look at it carefully.


Getsitecontrol allows you to show each widget at any of the nine different locations. You can fit them to any website easily. If you want, you can use it two different locations.

You can customize the face of the widget and button through changing the color of background, color of text, color of button and fonts.

You can also choose a color from the color palette. This customization can help to match your widget with your website color.

2. Content

Content means what you throw into your site. You can make full control over your content. You can easily manage the control feature.

Here you will get two options. One is, you can collect the only email addresses, and the other is, you can collect both name and email.

You can also select survey question option with an answer through the survey option.

3. Behavior

You can select ‘Behavior’ option to display of the widget as soon as the web page will load. You can also enable exit popup when a visitor going to close the browser button.

This feature allows you to set the number of times a widget should show to your visitors. You can also control over to stop showing to the readers.

4. Targeting

In the targeting section, as a free version user, you can choose only the pages that you want to show. But if you upgrade to premium and pro version, you can show or hide any option that you want.

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5. Integration

In the integration section, as a free version user, you can download the most important data from Getsitecontrol Contact and subscribe widget.

However, as a paid version user, Getsitecontrol dashboard allows you to active Autoresponder like Getresponse to increase your email marketing.

Getsitecontrol Integration

How To Install Getsitecontrol on Blog or Website?

You can easily install Getsitecontrol tool on your blog or website. Getsitecontrol provides an HTML code after Signup. You have to copy & paste the HTML code on theme head section and put your blogger HTML gadget if you are using

One the other hand, if you are a WordPress user or you have a WrodPress blog, you can put Getsitecontrol installation code in blog theme’s head section.

Besides this, you can download Get site control plugin and install it like another plugin. After that login Getsitecontrol through the plugin. Then it will work. You need to set anything from site dashboard for working this plugin.

Getsitecontrol’s Plan & Price

For the features of Getsitecontrol, it should demand a lot of money. But for the user, developer has kept the price very cheap.

Pricing Of Getsitecontrol

Pricing Table Of Getsitecontrol

You can find 3 versions like free, pro, and premium. Most of the webmasters and marketers use the free version to promote their business firstly. But free version cannot provide all the functions.

If you want to more control over your business & want to more & subscribers, sales & leads from the affiliate program , you must upgrade free to paid version.

If you use pro version, you have to spend $9 for a month wherares premium version charges you $19 for a month. You can get 20% discount if you pay for a year.

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Which Should You choose Pro Or Paid?

In pro version, you can promote your business within a short space. On the other hand, if you use paid version, you can use all the features what it has. Paid version helps to promote your business in large areas.


Getsitecontrol is the most effective tool that helps your business properly. It can properly take care of your visitors. If you want, you can use its free version first.

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