How To Generate Auto Internal Links in Every Blog post?

Internal and external link are the most important fact for SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. There are dozens of facts for improving blog ranking in search engine. An internal link is one of the most important factors to improve search engine rank quickly. If you don’t use the proper internal link in your every blog post, your blog or post will not rank in search engine quickly. That’s why you will lose domain authority and web traffic there is no doubt. So if you generate auto internal links in your blog post, your blog or post will be ranked search engine quickly. Not only rank on search engine but also it will help you to increase pageview more than 99% within a few days. Read about Moz internal link strategy.

So if you would like to increase blog trusty and search engine rank, you have to use internal links in your every blog post. But you know, linking internal link in every blog post is so tough. Because if you manually link your blog post to another post with a keyword or tag, you have to save every post title and link in an excel sheet or notepad.  That is very boring.

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Auto Internal Links

So how to solve this problem? Or how to generate auto internal links in your every blog post without any hassle free. Yes, I will share the best tips about this question which how to generate auto internal links in WordPress blog?

As far as I know that there are no any other option to use internal links without manually. But if you a WordPress user, you have a great opportunity to use internal links in every blog post by using a plugin. So which plugin is the best for generating auto Internal links?

It’s my one of the most important rules that I don’t share any tips which I don’t know. That’s why I only share tips or guides which I know. I have tested those auto internal links plugins which I will describe below. So you can undoubtedly choose the below plugin which do you prefer to generate auto internal links on your WordPress blog or websites.

The Best Two Plugins to Generate Auto Internal Links in WordPress Blog Quickly

Inline Related Posts Plugin:

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Inline Related Posts Plugin

Inline Related Posts plugins is a free and premium auto internal links plugin for WordPress blog. This plugin automatically inserts related posts INSIDE your content. That’s why this plugin can capture  immediately the reader’s attention. Even this plugin will increase 99% page view in a low traffic blog. Most of the popular blog like Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Business Insider are using this plugin to generate auto internal links.

My Opinion: This plugin is my favorite auto internal links WordPress plugin. Currently, I’m using this plugin on my blog here at It has increased my blog page view double Just one week after testing. So you can use this plugin. 

[Donload & Details]

SEO Smart Links:

SEO Smart Links is an another auto generate internal links WordPress plugin. It has both version free and premium. This plugin provides automatic SEO benefits in your blog. SEO Smart Links plugin has many features to insert internal links in your every blog post. It has keyword base, nofollow, tag base and category base internal link factuality. Therefore SEO Smart Links plugin can automatically link, post, page, and comments with keyword and tag base.

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My opinion: Truly speaking that I like both plugins to generate auto internal links. That’s why I use those plugins on my blog. So you can also use this plugin if you wish.

[Donload & Details]

Note: Both plugins are tested for WordPress latest version and all well coding free and premium WordPress themes. 

Over to you:

Those plugins are really awesome for inserting auto internal links or related posts in every blog post. If you use one of those plugins, you need not insert links manually in your blog post. Because those plugins are able to generate auto interlinks. So if you wish, you can use both plugins on your blog or website for generating internal links to improve page view and search engine rank.


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