How To Export WordPress Commenters Email With CSV File?

Hello dear, how are you? Hopefully, you are almost fine like me.

Today is very special for you because I will share the best guide with you. But before going to discuss the main topic, I would like to tell a little story about this post. That means, how did I find this keyword or topic for writing this blog post?

Last a few days ago I created an email campaign. In that day I tactfully thought, I will create, such as email marketing campaign that will be more convert.

So I thought, what type of email should I use in my campaign for good lead? In this concept, I took a decision that If I use my WordPress blog commenters’ and guest post author’s email in my campaign, How would be?

Which is thought to work, So I find the best WordPress plugin for exporting WordPress commenters email.

WordPress commenters email

Not for email marketing purpose, you can use commenters email for various purposes that I will tell you later.

If you are like me & someone who started with email marketing late or want to grow email list from an additional source and want to include what you have previously missed.

I have a great solution for you. In this blog post, I’m going to share information regarding a WordPress plugin that lets you do the following things.

  • Export All WordPress commenters email with CSV format.
  • Export commenter’s’ website URL.
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How to export WordPress commenters email?

Exporting commenters email with CSV format is not difficult. To begin, you need to install a plugin called “Commenter Emails”. You can check this plugin in WordPress plugin directory.

To active the plugin, go to your WordPress blog dashboard and click ‘Plugin’>Add New‘. Then search this plugin. Now click ‘Install’ and finally ‘Active’ it.

After activating ‘commenter’s emails’ plugin, you have to click ‘Comments>’Commenter Emails’ option from your WordPress admin panel. See screenshot below.

Commenter email plugin

Now you will get a list of all commenters email. Here if you want to export this list, you have to go bottom of this page.

INow If you want to export or download only commenters email, then click ‘Download‘.

Besides this, if you want, you can download email with commenter’s website URL, then tick the ‘Include commenter website’ radio button?. See screenshot below.

Export commenter's email

Hey, not end, there is another opportunity to download commenters email list.

So If you would like to download list only commenters for selected posts, then use the “Help” tab above to specify those posts. See screenshot below.

Export Specific email

Where will you use exported commenter’s email list?

I don’t tell you the specific place for using your exported commenters email list. Because there are many ways where you would use an email list.

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I use Getresponse email marketing tool. That’s why I manage my commenters email list in my email campaign to make money. As you are a blogger so you can read the below guide as a bonus.

Not it, I also utilize commenters email list for my weekly email newsletter as well as other cases.

But I have committed to you before that I will tell you the best place for using your exported WordPress commenters email list.

Use email List in your email marketing tool:

You already know, I use Getresponse for email marketing, and it lets me deliver emails among the subscribers without any pain. There are many features of this email marketing tool. You can send your email with manually or Auto schedule base that will reduce your time. So if you already a member of Getresponse, import your email list for a campaign. On the other hand, if you are a new, then create a free 30-day trial account & upload any email list & blast them to promote a product for making money.

Alternatively, you can use an email marketing service like ConvertKit to blast email nicely. It’s another perfect tool for an email campaign. It has huge features like Getresponse.

But ConvertKit has no free trial. You can start with $29 per month 1,000 subscribers that is a big amount if you compare with other tools.

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To send a friend or follow request:

You have a great amenities to send a friend or follow request through direct email. Most of the social media networks allow this process. So you can undoubtedly send a friend request to import your exported commenters email listSee screenshot below.

 Import email in Facebook

Import Email list on Facebook.

Bonus: You can also use Getsitecontrol for getting more followers of your blog and you.

 Use email list to send a newsletter:

I think you know about the newsletter. But do you know, an email newsletter is the major web traffic source from others?

So, you can grow your newsletter’s email list to include your commenters email. If you want to get more target traffic to your blog or website, you can import your email list in newsletter tool. And send the latest post newsletter daily base.

Additional Tip:

If you seem the above mentioned WordPress plugin is not fit for you to export commenters email, you can alternatively use another.

Here is the best alternate plugin which allows you to download your posts, pages, custom post types, comments authors to .xls or .xlsx format.

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