The Best & Easy Online Jobs For College Students In 2016

Money is the most common intimate thing in our daily life. It would not be the lowest think of any person. Because we cannot live without money.  Every person wants to earn money for enjoying the good life. Earning money doesn’t depend on age. Now most of the students highly interested in earning money from his/her student life. That’s why there are many Easy Online Jobs For College Students.

Even when I studied in college, I have seen some of my college friends used to earn money from online. As a result, they enjoyed the good life. They operated cost of education etc.

However, the question is that how college students make money from online without any invest? And which online money making methods are the best for a college student?

Easy Online Jobs For College Students

Maybe those questions are for every student. But don’t worry, in this blog post, I will be describing the best guide for the college students. This guide will be easy online jobs for college students without any invest.

So let’s start.

5 Online jobs for college students with no invest

1. Online writing jobs for college students:

An Online writing job is a popular college student job. Not only college students but also any person can earn money from it. It’s a very popular way to earn money for most of the passionate people who has decent knowledge about writing. Any college or school students can start earning to join content writing in a blog or another online writing job.

writing job

There are many ways a student enters the online writing job as a full time or part time. But if you would like to earn money from writing, you have to better  knowledge about grammar and writing skill.

One thing is that, to earn money from writing, you have to knowledge regarding the English language. Because English is the worldwide language. That’s why its huge demand than other languages. So if you really want to make money from an online writing job, you have to minimum knowledge in English.

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But the first time you need not much knowledge if you join simple writing job sites. Here are the bellow writing job sites very popular for college or school level students who would like to make money from online writing.

You can also earn money to write high-quality content on our blog. Read our content writing guidelines.

3 Trusted & Genuine Online Writing Job Sites For All Students & People: 

  1. ContentMart
  2. Freelancer
  3. iWriter

2. Easy Online Jobs For College Students As A Freelancer:

There are many online freelancing job sites in the world. Some freelancing sites are the most gunnies for earning money without any investment. Most of the high-quality, freelancing sites offer free to signup & some of paid.


If you want to make money from online, you can join free micro-credit task sites and get to paid from them to complete simple tasks. Not only a micro job but also you will get large company jobs on the freelancing sites that will help you to live good from college life.

Here are the few top micro credit freelancing sites where you will find genuine and trusted online jobs and you can earn huge money from them.

5 Trusted Freelancing Sites For Beginners & College Students:

  1. Freelancer
  2. UpWork
  3. Guru
  4. ShortTask
  5. Crowdsource

3. Online tutor jobs for college students:

You have heard the name of YouTube. Yes, YouTube is the world number one video sharing site among the people. YouTube is the part of Google. Now its world three most popular site according to Alexa.

There are many people or college students making million dollars from YouTube. So there is an opportunity to earn money from it. Because I think it’s an easy online job for college Students.

online tutor jobs

You can earn  huge money from YouTube in various ways, such as uploading video tutorial, prank video, products like mobile, laptop other tech gadgets review video, movie or drama and cooking related video that will be created by yourself.

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So if you are a good knowledge about making the useful video which helps people to learn something, you can earn money from them. So create your awesome video and upload them to YouTube then see the magic for earning money.

One the other hand, you can earn money from YouTube by using Google AdSense ad. It’s a great opportunity to earn money from Google Adsense. Every beginner who new on YouTube they can earn money from YouTube Adsense if they have a YouTube account and have some useful but without copyright video on his/her channel.

Even if you have a 3-5 video on your channel, you will get full approve AdSense account for making money online there is no doubt.

So why to let’ Just start uploading your tutor or any video on YouTube and earn money from them.

Note: you can also join Udemy for your online tutor job.

4. Social Media Marketing online job for college students

Most of the people who use the internet & almost everyone uses social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc. Even I think you may use one of them am I right? So if you use a social media network, you have a chance to earn money from online. It’s one of the best job from other easy online jobs for college students.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays social media is the most popular online money making source among the blogger and online marketers. So why are you waiting?

Yes, you can ask me how can I earn money from social media networks like Facebook or Twitter? Ok, don’t worry, I’m explaining about it in the bellow paragraph.

If you really want to earn money from online as a social media marketer, you have to join a high paying affiliate marketing network or CPA network before. After that, you have to choose perfect product or CPA offer which you like. Besides this, copy an offer affiliate link and promote them to various social media networks. That’s ok, If any person buys that product or complete any action through your affiliate link you will get a commission. That’s your earning.

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So don’t let, Even you can start it from your college life.

High Paying Affiliate and CPA Network For Beginner and Advance Level Marketers

The Best 5 High Paying Affiliate Networks

  1. CJ formally Commission Junction
  2. ClickBank
  3. ShareaSale
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. eBay Affiliate Program

Note: If you don’t like the above affiliate marketing programs, you should the must follow affiliate programs which pay regularly.

5. Earn Money Online For Students By Write An Ebook:

It’s my last guide about easy online jobs for college students. To make money from eBook selling, you have to write a quality eBook first. There are many writers earning money from their eBook selling. So how can you earn money from eBook selling?

selling eBook

Before writing an eBook, you should good knowledge about language which you are going to use on your eBook as a language. I always recommended, you should write eBook in English. If you want a lot of money from your eBook selling, you have to write quality and informative eBook for the people who would like to know the better solution.

After completing eBook writing, you have to upload them in top class eBook selling site. But if you want, you can sell eBook on your own blog. For an example, Harsh Agrawal sells his eBook on his blog at shoutmeloud. So you can apply the same process.

5 Top Class eBook selling Sites List:

  1. Payhip
  2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  3. Kobo Writing Life
  4. MyeBook
  5. eBookMall

Final Thought:

I have said that there are many online job sites in the world. But in this blog post, I have only described the best and easy online jobs for college students. Those online jobs which I have described above are very trusted and genuine. You cannot lose your time if you use those sites as your online earning. Because I have tested those sites. They actually pay to their publishers or workers.


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