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Learn How I Generate 700+ New Flipboard Traffic In A Day?

Hi, welcome to my personal Flipboard traffic guide. First of all, I have been blogging over 6 months here at gosview.com. In my blogging journey, I have applied many tips and tricks to generate web traffic to my blog.

When I started blogging, I got most of the web traffic from Facebook and blog commenting, especially from Shoutmeloud and also got decent traffic from a search engine that is very low.

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At that time I did not know about Flipboard traffic strategy. That’s why I didn’t get traffic from this. But I would share my blog post regularly on my Flipboard magazine. At least two months, I did not obtain any free traffic from Flip board. But I have not been hopeless. I could continue my share on this network.

One day I’ surprised that I got at least 700+ traffic come from my Flipboard account. Since then, I started thinking that how can I generate huge traffic to my blog from Flip board?

After that, I start to research and finally, I got a strategy that is very simple for generating handsome traffic to any niche blog.

However, in this blog post, I will be describing my short Flipboard traffic strategy or guide that will help you to get handsome web traffic if you follow properly.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard which is a leading web-based aggregator & social magazine where contents come from social networks, news feeds, photo sharing sites, publishers and any other online sources. Readers can also save stories in Flipboard Magazines directly from their website. It allows to user flip through the article, video, and image as magazine format.

Back in 2010 Flipboard launched for iPad and after being updated to support for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A few years later in 2012 it launched an Android app for using.

In 2015 Flipboard is available for using on the web. Now it’s working nicely on both desktop and mobile devices. Flipboard is free and localized in more than 20 languages.

In 2016 there have been 28 million magazines created by users on Flipboard.

How To Drive Free Traffic From Flipboard Using Simple Tips?

There are many Flipboard traffic secrets on the internet that I will not share here because I will only share my personal Flipboard traffic strategy here.


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