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Learn How I Generate 700+ New Flipboard Traffic In A Day?

Hi, welcome to my personal Flipboard traffic guide. First of all, I have been blogging over 6 months here at gosview.com. In my blogging journey, I have applied many tips and tricks to generate web traffic to my blog.

When I started blogging, I got most of the web traffic from Facebook and blog commenting, especially from Shoutmeloud and also got decent traffic from a search engine that is very low.

At that time I did not know about Flipboard traffic strategy. That’s why I didn’t get traffic from this. But I would share my blog post regularly on my Flipboard magazine. At least two months, I did not obtain any free traffic from Flip board. But I have not been hopeless. I could continue my share on this network.

Traffic stats from Google Analytics

One day I’ surprised that I got at least 700+ traffic come from my Flipboard account. Since then, I started thinking that how can I generate huge traffic to my blog from Flip board?

After that, I start to research and finally, I got a strategy that is very simple for generating handsome traffic to any niche blog.

However, in this blog post, I will be describing my short Flipboard traffic strategy or guide that will help you to get handsome web traffic if you follow properly.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard which is a leading web-based aggregator & social magazine where contents come from social networks, news feeds, photo sharing sites, publishers and any other online sources. Readers can also save stories in Flipboard Magazines directly from their website. It allows to user flip through the article, video, and image as magazine format.

Flipboard home page feed

Back in 2010 Flipboard launched for iPad and after being updated to support for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A few years later in 2012 it launched an Android app for using.

In 2015 Flipboard is available for using on the web. Now it’s working nicely on both desktop and mobile devices. Flipboard is free and localized in more than 20 languages.

In 2016 there have been 28 million magazines created by users on Flipboard.

How To Drive Free Traffic From Flipboard Using Simple Tips?

There are many Flipboard traffic secrets on the internet that I will not share here because I will only share my personal Flipboard traffic strategy here.

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So, Let’s start..

Create A Flipboard Account:

Before getting traffic from Flip board, you have to Signup that is pretty simple. Just simply go to Flipboard Click Sign Up button. You will get a pop-up window and put your Name, email address and password then hit the Sign Up button. You can also Signup through Facebook. So Signup whatever you want.

Complete Flip Profile That Will Be More Attractive:

After creating your account, complete your profile with nice descriptions and photo. Then, you can select topics which you would like to follow.

I would suggest spending some time to build an attractive Flipboard profile that will be more engageable.

Flipboard profile overview

Once you complete profile setup, the next step is to create a magazine to share your content.

Create Attractive Flipboard Magazine:

Flipboard magazine which is a topic for sharing your content like video, post, and image. You should create such as Flip magazine that will be your niche related.

I recommended you to create the best content for saving on Flipboard magazine to drive more traffic to your blog. If you are a popular brand, you should create a magazine with your brand name that would be easier for users to find or follow.

You know, Flipboard has two versions like desktop and mobile. If you are a user of the desktop, then directly go to editor.flipboard.com for creating magazines. If you are a user of mobile, go to profile and complete a flip magazine creation process.

In this blog post, I will only share how to create a magazine on the desktop version. To create an ultimate flip magazine go to Flipboard and click on your profile name after that click on ‘new magazine’.

Now you will get a new popup window which allows putting name and description about your magazine. I recommend to you include magazine name which should be your blog or brand category related.

Try to add an SEO keyword in magazine description that will help flip users to find your magazine or board from the Flipboard search bar. Don’t touch ‘lets everyone see my magazine’ icon which continues default for the public.

Create Attractive Flipboard Magazine

If you already a user of Flipboard, then edit your existing magazine if you don’t include the above materials.

One thing is that there are no restrictions to create magazines. You can create unlimited flip magazines with your niche or topic related. But remember that make your magazine clear as much as possible. Try to create a few magazines with topics that interest you.

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Select a Beautiful Cover Image:

Select a high-resolution cover image for your magazine. It had better try to use the Illustrator cover image on your Flipboard magazine. Choose at least 500px width image generally look fantastic. But Instagram image looks Okey as a magazine cover.

Grow Flipboard Followers:

Following someone is the best part of growing relationship. If you follow someone, probably they follow back you. You will not get traffic for a long time if you don’t build a relationship with Flipboard users.

So try to spend at least 30 minutes every day on Flipboard to increase followers.

Grow Flipboard Followers

To fast grow your follower’s bag, you can take faster steps. One of the best ways is that try to comment, like other user’s content which relevant to your magazine or blog niche. If you get more suitable content, share them on your own magazine. In this way, you will get more follow back followers.

Flip Relevant Contents That You Like:

Try to flip content like a blog post, article, video, an image on your magazine. You will only share content which you enjoy. Don’t flip irrelevant content on Flipboard magazine. Irrelevant or useless content will decrease user trust. You can flip blog post directly from your blog and you can also use SumoMe social share button.

I recommend to you Flip at least one blog post or image in a day on Flipboard for getting a better result. If you don’t find any post to share on your flip magazine’s, you can share an old post which will be at last 7 days.

It’s very important to share others user’s content, not just your own. So try to spend some time adding content to your Flip magazine.

Avoid Images With Text:

Don’t use text heavy images on your flip magazine. Text heavy image looks very busy on the flip post even cover. It makes content hard to read your magazine’s title.

Comment When You Flip:

You can add a short comment when you flip something in your magazine. Other users of Flipboard will be inspired by your first comment. According to Flipboard, this adds value highly draw attention to your flip post that is to more emphasize in the mobile apps.

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Last Words of Flipboard Traffic & Is It Sufficient For A Bloggers & Brand Owners To Grow Traffic?

Flipboard is a faster growing content curation & news feeding platform. There are many advantages to becoming familiar with the Flipboard network because it can be used on mobile, tablet, desktop That’s why you can share your personal content any time to your flip magazine in anywhere.

Not for sharing, It conducive to promote business or brand with million of people. Flipboard ultimately helps you to get massive traffic to your blog & expose your brand and business without any condition if you apply the proper strategy.

Before getting targeted traffic to your blog like my blog, you have to active on this network & have to spend something to grow activities. There are no any shortcut ways to get the web traffic. But only Flipboard gives you to get handsome traffic to your blog without much pressure.

So if you are a blogger or a brand owner, you can grow business or traffic on this network that you will not get in any others. So my opinion is that don’t avoid Flipboard for enhancing your brand popularity.

Do you have any experience about Flipboard traffic? If you have, then share your experience in the comment section.

If you think this guide is helpful for you, please share it with your friends, colleagues and various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & Google plus.


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