How To Create Online Radio Show & Podcast Episode In Just 10 Minutes?

We live in a globalized world where everything changeable. That’s why online marketing policy has changed as well. If we want success in anything, we have to compatible with them. Here one of the best online marketing methods is that online radio show or podcast. There are many successful persons choose this way as a profession. If you confused about which persons has success and what is an online radio show or podcast? OR how to start that? Your all question’s answer I will be describing in the below section.

So don’t worry, in this blog post, I’m going to share a beginner guide to create an online podcast episode or online radio show in just 10 minutes.

Online Radio Show

Before going to create an online radio show or live podcast show I would like to say What is an online radio show or podcast show?

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What is Internet Radio?

Online radio show or Internet radio (also web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, online radio, webcasting) is an online audio service which Broadcast on the Internet. Clear speaking that an online radio or podcast show where you can talk directly with the worldwide people. Read more about online radio or internet radio on Wikipedia.

Why online radio show or podcast episode?

There are many reasons of internet radio or podcast. It has no one value. If you are passionate directly talking with worldwide people or your web audience, you can use it. Even, internet radio show is to use in online marketing purpose. Many persons use it their online marketing profession. Someone used internet radio or podcast to make money from online. The best example of Pat Flynn who is the founder  of smart passive income blog. He generates more than 1,30,000+ dollars in every month. Not only make money like Path but also you can share your idea, tips or any guide through an internet radio show or podcast episode.

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Okey, Now I’m going to the main point how can you create a free online radio show or podcast episode?

So let’s start step by step guide

There are many online podcasts or radio streaming platforms. But in this blog post, I will be describing regarding BlogTalkRadio, which is the most popular streaming website for creating an excellent live radio show or podcast.

Hey, wait before going to step by step guide. I think we should gather a little knowledge regarding BlogTalkRaido, Is it right?


What is BlogTalkRadio?

BlogTalkRadio is an independent network which helps to create podcasters thrive and profit from their content. It is a unified podcasting platform that enables podcasters to broadcast/record/upload, manage, stream live or on-demand, a syndicate for downloads, measure, and monetize their shows. It has founded in 2006 as an internet radio service and now it’s involved with full supporting  hosts. BlgoTalkRadio has created more than 8500 shows, 10,000+ active users, and 24 million listeners per month.

Importance of BlogTalkRaido:

There is much importance of BlogTalkRadio platform. But all features are not possible to discuss in one blog post. Because this post has already long. So I will only mention a few features which are the most important.

Important Features:

  1. Live radio or podcast show.
  2. Directly chat when podcast or show live.
  3. Directly call facility when podcast or show live.
  4. Upload old podcasts or shows.
  5. Record facility
  6. Schedule base podcast or online live show.
  7. Live interview, guest interview, live fun etc
  8. Podcast MONETIZATION.
  9. Podcast advertising.
  10. Easy episode or show download and more

So you can easily create your own free podcast episode or online radio show through BlogTalkRaid platform. But if you would like to create a long live show, you have to upgrade it free to premium.

Create Your Show Now!

Listen to an Online radio show or Podcast episode which powered by BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRaido Plan and Price:

BlogTalkRadio has 5 plans available like Small, Medium, Large, Lite and Free. So if you are a beginner, you can choose a Free plan. But If you want full features, you have to choose a premium plan. One thing is that all premium plans have a free trial for 1-month. So you can test with a premium plan for 1 month after that if you seem it’s good, then you can pay them otherwise you can cancel anytime.

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Probably you have already chosen a plan whatever you want. Now you have to create an account. Then you have to create a show or episode. I recommended you to choose a premium free trial plan for getting full features.

Free To Create Your Show Now!

So how will you do it? Let’s start.

How To Create Online Radio show & Podcast Show?

First of all, go to BlogTalkRadio and choose a plan whatever you want. Then click “Continue” button

Step 2# If you continue with the premium plan, you have to fill up the registration form with your payment details like CardCard number, address etc.

But if you don’t continue with a premium plan, you need not submit that information. Simply you have to fill up general information. Then click “Continue” button. See the screenshot below.

Choose BlogTalkRadio Plan

Step 3# Now you have to confirm your email address. So go to your email and click the BlogTalkRaid confirmation link which they send to you for account confirmation. See the screenshot below.

Confirm BlogTalkRadio Account

Step 4# After confirming, login your account with email and password which you have provided whole registration.

Step 5# Now you have to click on ‘Create” icon for creating an episode.

Click Create Episode button

Step 6# Now you will get a short form where you have to enter Title, Short Pitch, episode Detailed Description, Tag and Visibility for creating your fist episode or online radio show. So fill up carefully. Then click ‘Create Episode” button.

But remember that before hitting “Create Episode” button, you have to select which type of show you are going to create. If you want to create Broadcast episode, you have to pick Broadcast option otherwise, you have to pick Upload option for old broadcast or show.

create an episode

Note: Advance option is not mandatory. On the contrary, You can see Signal Strength in the right sidebar. Signal Strength will depend on episode form fill-up. So you should carefully fill up for strong signal strength Because of strong signal increase conversion rate.

Step 7# Now you will get your broadcasting studio. Here you can control your all options like start audio, direct call, live chat with a listener, social share, live interview, guest interview, music play, etc.

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BlogTalkRadio Studio Interface

Note: if you don’t understand about the dashboard of BlogTalkRadio studio, you can take help by using tour option. See screenshot below.

blogtalkradio studio

Step 8# Now you are staying in BlogTalkRadio dashboard. Here you can control all options. You just need a USB mic, headsets, and earbuds to broadcast your voice.

You can also get your podcast, live show or public EPISODES short link here. If you want to embed your podcast episode, live show or guest interview, then it’s possible.

How to embed podcast episode or online radio show on Web page?

Simply go your public EPISODES link, then click the embed button which located the right corner of the EPISODES interface page. After that copy code and paste code into your blog post or anywhere of the blog theme. See screenshot below.


Bonus Tips:

If you choose a Free plan, you will not get full features so that you may face with a problem to create an online radio show or podcast episode( you can use free plan for testing). So if you really want serious to become a podcaster or radio jockey, you can test BlogTalkRaido service with a free one month trial of any premium plan.

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Over To You:

There are many online podcast platforms on the internet. But BlogTalkRadio is one of the best podcasting platform. It has huge features to create a professional online radio show or podcast episode. So you can try it with a free plan for the fist time.

However, if you have any question regarding this blog post or step by step guides, you can free ask me via the comment section.


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