How To Change WordPress Permalink For SEO Benefits?

WordPress is widely used CMS (Content management system) for beginner and advanced webmaster. There are no alternatives to create a high-value blog in less than a few minutes without WordPress. But to get more benefits from a WordPress blog, you must a few customizations. Some of the WordPress default settings are not good for SEO. One of the common settings is post permalink. So If you want to get quick  SEO result for your blog, then you have to change your blog post’s permalink.

There are thousands of tutorials about WordPress customization. If you are a beginner and want to full customization guide of your WordPress site, then you can follow the Ultimate WordPress Guide: Customize 101 by ROBERT MENING.

Wordpress Permalink

Whey & How To Change WordPress Permalink?

The URL of the blog post is called the permalink. The value of a permalink is very important to access a site. People directly visit a site by using a permalink to putting their browser. So If permalink was not created, people would not visit blog or website. Not people, the search engine also allow a good structure permalink/ URL to quick index.  Read a deep guide to WP permalink by Kevin Muldoon.

You can change the structure of permalink at any time. But if your website is old, then you may lose your website referral and search engine traffic. When someone visits your site by old permalink, significantly they would be a face of 404 error.

So it had better  change your permalink at the beginning. If you change the WordPress permalink at the beginning, you will not face any link error or 404 issue. That’s why your blog traffic will not be dropped. Once you face with HTTP 404 error, you can solve them to get help from this guide How to fix HTTP 404 error.

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However, in this guide, I’m going to share how to change the WordPress permalink which will be the best for long time SEO benefits.

What is default permalink?

Do you know what is your default blog post permalink structure? After installing WordPress, you will get the following default hyperlink of your every blog post. But the default permalink setting is not SEO friendly. You can change it at any time.

wordpress defaults permalink setting

In the above screenshot, you have noticed 5 custom WordPress permalink setting options that you can use to set in post or page permalink.

To change the default WordPress permalink to custom or SEO permalink is so easy. If you would like to change your default setting, just simply go to your WordPress blog dashboard  click Setting>Permalink.

Set SEO permalink

After that Select post name option of permalink setting page. And finally Save.

Ok, you are done.

But if you want to keep your permalink in other formats like, category, tag, date base, etc, then you can select another option. And finally, click Save.

I have said that this setting is pretty simple. So you never need any WordPress permalink plugin. But If you wish to set your WordPress post permalink through a plugin, then you can use Custom Permalinks plugin.

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What is the Best WordPress Permalink Structure For SEO Benefits?

You have noticed these five structures are the default. But all is not well for a search engine. Especially, the default setting is not much perfect for search engine ranking. The Search engine considers to better rank on SERPs results for the following permalink structures.

  • %postname% – The post slug of your post
  • %category% – The category a post was assigned to
  • %year% – The year the article was published
  • %monthnum% – The month the article was published
  • %day% – The day the article was published

But %postname% is the most popular and SEO beneficial structure. So I recommend you to use %postname% structure for your blog post to get better search engine benefits.

How To Change Specific Post Permalink?

Specific post permalink is one the best Google ranking factors. You can check Complete List of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors by Brian Dean. Search engine highly considers keyword base custom post URL. Normally a blog post URL creates from post headline. This is the default math.

For an example, you have set “%postname%” as your permalink by following aforementioned guide.

Now if you publish a post with headline “How To Add Countdown Clock For Facebook Page?”, then by default, your post URL will be

Ok, but this default URL is not well in a search engine. So you can change it because Google does not much consider to rank with the stop words URL.

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For an example of Good post URL of Moz. Here Moz has updated a post which headline is ‘Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015‘. But the Url structure is different like ‘’

Moz post on Google

Moz did not include headline’s all words in URL. Moz has included keywords only. So this is the search engine ranking factor. But remember there are no alternatives of high-quality content to get ranked in Google top 10 search results. To write high-quality content you should read 10 Killer Content Writing Tips Make Your Website Profitable.

Ok back to our next topic, how to change the specific post permalink.

First of all, go to the WordPress post editor, then put your headline in the headline box. Now you will see your default post URL structure under the headline box.

change specific post permalink
Then click ‘Edit’ Permalink, and remove default words. After that, put your blog post main keyword along with the secondary keyword. Then click ok. You can watch this video for the clear concept about how to change specific post permalink.
Finally, you are done, your specific blog post permalink is ready for quick search engine rank.


Don’t late to change the permalink of your WordPress site. If possible, you should change at the beginning. Consider to keep %postname% base permalink structure for quick SEO benefits as well as search engine index. For advance SEO benefits you can set specific permalink in your every blog post.


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