10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid For Blogging Journey Easier

Many people want to earn a good amount of money from the blog as it is a good source of earning. But some blogging mistakes that prevent them from going ahead with their dream.

Though many marketers take these mistakes as simple, this can ruin your blog as well as yours.

So, for the need of the people, I am writing these mistakes. Read carefully.

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Blogging mistakes

10 Blogging Mistakes & Tips For You

1. Unable to Understand The Audience

The first and main blogging, mistakes are to unable to understand the audience. There are many bloggers can understand the topic but they can fail to touch the heart of the audience of their posts.

A blogger should always stay clear in his post and his audience. He should deliver such as thing that is useful for the audience.

2. Fail To Choose A Strong Niche

Choosing a niche is the most important component for any topics.
Many marketers make a mistake when they choose any niche. They don’t focus on their niche, for that they cannot generate targeted visitors they expect.

So every blogger should choose a good niche for writing blog contents.

3. Write Many Topics In Blog

One of the most common blogging mistakes that a blogger is to write many topics. Many bloggers want to pull all topics that they want. They also pull all visitors from the world for their blog. That’s why they earn a lot from this.

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But it is a fact that every blogger hopes the greatest profit, they can’t earn a single penny from their blogs or fall in a short time from the markets.
So, stay concrete on a topic and write a profitable post that is useful for your audience.

4. Pay Attention On Quantity

Most of the bloggers believe in quantity because they think that quantity is more important from the quality. For their wrong thinking, they are disliked by Google and people. Though any blogger can fulfill quantity with the poor article, they lose their quality.

A research shows if you publish articles regularly, your post will become low quality and can’t reach the goal.

A good article takes time to write. So it needs time because of making for quality.

5. Writing for Yourself

Writing for you is the greatest blogging mistakes. Many bloggers do it. They never think the thoughts of their audience. So, the audience goes away from this blog and stop to connect their feelings with the blog.

Write you the post that your audience wants to read. Always keep your sentence simple.

6. Avoid bad writing

The purpose of writing is to write for the readers. Many bloggers use bad language or unused words. For using unused words, the readers can’t understand the writer’s thoughts. As a result, the purpose of the writing is unsuccessful.

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Every reader feels comfortable to read familiar words. Familiar words work like as a familiar friend and unused words like as an unknown person.

7. Using Click Here Word

Many people use “click here” words instead of their main keyword. This looks bad. For this reason, many bloggers are trying to avoid this mistake.

You should inform your readers where they are going to. Never use links to verb, preposition etc. These make it difficult for your readers. Always use links to nouns. This makes it much easier for your targeted visitors.

8. Avoiding images for the post

Images are the most important materials for the post. Through image, can easily attract the visitors. This makes your post more attractive.
A chart, clipart helps to remove your monotonous. So don’t mistake to use images in your every blog post.

9. Avoid Comments Reply

The Another blogging mistake is to ignore the comment. When people comment your post, you ignore it. When the visitors want to communicate with you through your post but you stay silent that time. This affects their mind and they will lose their interest to go to your site again. So always try to reply your reader’s comment.

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10. Ignore Social Media Option

A lot of bloggers ignore social media option. Though it is very important things of any blog or website. A social media option makes a post shareable. This also helps to collect a huge amount of visitors to the blog.

If you write a great content, you have to write content for readers, not search engine. A good writer always should write for the readers. He always wants to more reader for his article. But without sharing, it will not happen.

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Believe or not, a social media not only help to gather traffic for the sites but also help to rank. So you should use social media links on your site header or sidebar section.

If you would like to know more about blogging mistakes, you can read HubSpot blogging mistake article.

Bottom Line:

These blogging mistakes which I have discussed the above paragraphs are very valuable for the blogger as well as a writer. By avoiding these mistakes, your writing or blog both will be perfect. So if you want to be a serious blogger, you should defiantly avoid these mistakes.

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