5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Your Way To Backup & Auto Restore!

Are you looking the best WordPress backup plugins which will help you to backup and restore your WordPress website automatically? If yes, then read this blog post a-z. Because I have collected a few WordPress Backup and restore plugins for you. But before getting plugin review, I think you should acquire a little knowledge about WorPress backup & hack.

First of all, you know, technology makes our life easier. Nowadays Internet is only one first communication way. There are over 1 Billion websites on the web. This grow are mostly happening by open-source Content Management Systems (CMS). Because Over One-third of the websites is powered by 4 key platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.  According to CMS popularity, WordPress is the leading CMS platform which captures more than 60% market share.

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In 2016 out of the 11,000+ infected websites analyzed, Where 75% WordPress platform and over 50% of those platform’s websites were out of date report by sucuri.net. So to prevent hacking CMS website, especially WordPress site is the most important fact for all skill and unskilled webmasters. The main reasons of hacking are that less emphasis on backward compatibility other things are Low quality or poor coding theme, vulnerable plugin, weak password etc.

However, I hope you have gathered a little static. But the question is that how to restore WordPress blog after hacking or deleting. Yes, you have only one option to restore that is the backup. So in this blog post, I will describe regarding the 5 best WordPress backup plugins that will help you to backup and auto restore your WordPress blog in just a few minutes.

5 Popular WordPress Backup And Restore Plugins

1.My WP Backup Plugin:

My WP Backup Plugin

This is the product of Mythemeshop store which is the world popular WorPress premium themes and plugins store. My WP Backup plugin is the easiest way to protect your WordPress site data, server loss, data destruction, hacking or to migrate easily. Even this plugin allows you to auto backup and restore the whole site (like theme, plugin, contents & everything), database and have them delivered via FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive with Low Memory Footprint.

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If you want, you can backup manually. It has two versions available free and pro. There is a restriction of a free version. The restriction is that you won’t able to backup automatically. So if you want full features of this plugin and backup & restore your data for futures assistant automatically, you might upgrade it free to premium. I think it will be the best WordPress backup and restore plugin for you.

Download 'My WP Backup' Plugin

2. WordPress Backup & Clone Master:

WordPress Backup & Clone Master

It’s another high rating WordPress auto backup and restore plugin powered by Codecanyon. This plugin has one in all solution for backup, restore, cloning, and migration. ‘WordPress Backup & Clone Master’ help you to backup your all WordPress data like the database, settings, themes, plugins, and images etc with secure, easy, and reliable way on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

Major features:

  • You can download the backup file to your computer in a ZIP or TAR file.
  • Schedule base backup like daily / weekly / monthly.
  • Auto upload backups to your Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Send regular backup file and notification to your email address.
  • One-click Restore any backup.
  • You can clone the whole site to different domains.
  • You can create a database on a remote server directly from this plugin.
  • Migrate your site to a new host and more.
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Tips: It’s a premium plugin. So if you want to really secure your whole WordPress files and database, you can choose it. Because it has huge features and excellent support facility. So you never face any issue to backup your valuable WordPress data in future.

Download 'WordPress Backup & Clone Master' Plugin

3. Ether Backup WordPress Plugin:

Ether Backup WordPress Plugin

It’s a simple and powerful auto backup & restore plugin which lets you manage every aspect of your WordPress site like the database and all files. You can easily control website server/ data by this plugin. One thing is that ‘Ether Backup WordPress Plugin’ is a clean interface and fully customizable auto backup plugin that will be perfect for small business or blog.

Major Features:

  • Simple and easy user interface that is perfect for small webmasters.
  • Full customization database and whole site of backups.
  • Auto schedule base backup like daily / weekly / monthly.
  • Easy Upload / Download of backups to your computer and online store.
  • Send regular backup copy and notification to your email address.
  • 100% auto URL updates of the site contents.
  • Easily migrate WordPress site to different domains.

Tips: This plugin is really clean and easily usable interface that is the best understandable for beginner bloggers and webmasters. So if have a simple WordPress blog or site, you can use this plugin to backup and auto restore your whole blog and database.

Download 'Ether Backup WordPress' Plugin

4. UpdraftPlus:


UpdraftPlus is a Widely tested, reliable and  friendly interface, high rating plugin of the WordPress plugin directory.  It’s another WordPress backup plugin which millions of backups completed! This plugin allows you to complete backup your all WordPress files and database. You can easily backup and restore WordPress blog or data in just a single click and store them to your computer drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP. You can also auto backup your data on schedule base.

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Tips: It has free and paid both versions. Paid version has many updated features or add-ons whereas you will not get that in a free version. But its free version perfect for beginners to backup and restores WordPress files and database.

Download Uupdraftplus

5. Backup My WP to Dropbox:

Backup My WP to Dropbox

It is the best WordPress backup plugin of Codecanyon store. It’s a simple backup plugin like Ether Backup. But you can save your whole WordPress files and database with scheduled jobs. Even this plugin will automatically create your archive file backup. It sends a notification to the user after completing every backup process.

Major Features:

  • Clean and easy interface.
  • Automatic backup with schedule base.
  • Store backup files to Dropbox and computer drive.
  • Once click restore and backup.
  • Uses default WP Cron for creating database archive.

Tips: I have mentioned that it’s a clean and charming interface for every WordPress user. You can choose this plugin for restore and backup WordPress files or any data with easy steps there is no doubt.

Download 'Backup My WP to Dropbox' Plugin

Final Thoughts About the best WordPress Backup plugins:

There are many free backup plugins on the internet & WorPress plugin directory. But you should not use those plugins which are not high quality and top rating. So if you would like to backup and secure your WorPress files and database easily, you can use a plugin from the above list. But My WP Backup’ ‘ or ‘WordPress Backup & Clone Master’ is my the best recommended WordPress auto backup and restore plugin which perfects for both beginner and advanced level webmasters.


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