10 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners!

Blogging is the dream of some persons. But the success of blogging is not so easy. Because there are a lot of blogs is created in every single day. So in this challenging world, if you want strong your blogging base, you need a few blogging tools. Especially for a newbie blogger, Blogging tools is very important.

Blogging Tools

So In this blog post, I will be describing regarding the best and powerful blogging tools that will be more helpful for beginners for their blogging journey easier. But Not for a beginner, these tools will give the same benefits to advanced bloggers.

So lets start

10 Blogging Tools For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers

#1- WordPress (free CMS Platform): is the world leading blogging platform. Over 409 million people view more than 22.7 billion pages each month according to WordPress. So if you are a beginner, you can start blogging with WordPress platform. Besides this, If you have a self-hosted domain, you can install your blog on WordPress.

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#2- WordPress Theme Detector (100% free): is a powerful tool for checking other user’s WordPress blog materials like theme, plugins, etc. That means you can easily check which theme or plugins are using other WordPress users on his/her blog.

#3- Schema Theme (Premium): This the most SEO ultra fast WroPress theme for blogging and online marketing. Most of the pro bloggers use this theme on his/her blog to get more benefits. So if you don’t buy any theme for your blog till now, you should buy this theme for huge SEO benefits.

#4- Getresponse (30-day free trial): if you would like to get more sales from your email list, Getresponse will be the best for you. It’s a popular email marketing tool for beginner marketers as well as bloggers. There are many ultra features on Getresponse for easier your email marketing efforts.

#5- SumoMe (Free & Premium): if you would like to add social sharing button or different email subscription form on your blog, SumoMe is the perfect tool for those. It has numerous features of social share and option form. Normally it’s a paid tool, but if you are a beginner, you can use its free tool for the first time.

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#6- Click To Tweet(free): allows people to share your content directly from your blog post. Simply create a  quote or find a quotable phrase and add them Click To Tweet link so people can share directly from your content on Twitter.

#7- CloudFlare (free and premium): is a tool for improving blog loading and security. If you use low-quality hosting or server, or your blog page speed slows, you can use CloudFlare for faster loading.

#8- SEMRush (free & premium): Keyword is the #1 way to get organic traffic to any blog or website. So if you would like to get huge organic traffic, you should create keyword base blog content. SEMRush is the number one keyword research and web page analysis tool.

#9- Comment Redirect Plugin(free): If you seem that your comment will be redirected to your specific offer or any page, you can use this plugin. That means when a commenter will submit a comment, he/she will be automatically redirected to a specific page. So it’s a great plugin for increasing sells or email subscription.

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#10- Easy Digital Downloads (free & premium): If you want to sell any digital products like eBook, plugin etc on your WorPress blog, you can use this plugin. Because Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect solution for selling digital products through a WorPress blog.

Over To You:

There are many ways to make blogging easier. But these 10 blogging tools are the most essential for every blogger who would like to more benefits from his/her blog. So if you don’t install the above tools on your WordPress blog till now, you should install quickly for getting professional benefits.

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