5 Blogging Platforms In 2017 For Making Worthy Blog

When you think to share something new with worldwide people, significantly you will choose social media networks. Although you have come here for gathering accurate information about various  blogging platforms because you want to make your next self-hosted blog . Sound good am I right!!

But everyone would be his/her own boss and they have a great opportunity to earn money from online. Yes, it’s possible when they will start blogging with the well-rated blogging platform.

There are many blogging platforms on the internet. All platforms are free to create hosted or non-hosted website. But if you would really like to be a serious blogger or want to establish a website for long time business, then you have to choose a right blogging platform.

Otherwise, If you pick the wrong platform, you would stumble in the first time because most of the platform’s features are limited. One of the common thing to choose a platform is that which type of blog or website you are going to create.

Wise persons always said, before going to create something new, everyone should take the time to think. So to choose the best blogging platform is not disjunct.

However, in this blog post, I’m going to share a list of recommended blogging platforms for beginners like you with best pros, cons and examples that will help you to choose a right platform to start blogging.

Blogging Platforms Definition:

The short answer is that A blogging platform usually is a software or form created for publishing content. In other words, A blogging platform is called a content management system (CMS) that only create for sharing content on the internet in the form of a blog. It’s a specific free form that is easily usable for all types of people. WordPress, Joomla, Weebly is the great example of blogging platforms.

List Of Blogging Platforms In 2017

1# WordPress.org

WordPress is a CMS software for creating a website, blog or app. Over 60 million people are using WordPress as their content management system. It has hundreds of community volunteers for upgrading awesome feature and version. Everything is possible by this because it has thousands of plugins and themes for free using. There are no alternatives of WordPress to build professional non-hosted blog or website. CNN, WPbeginer, Shoutmeloud are the best example of popular WordPress blog.


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