37th BCS Exam Preparation Tips

Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is the first class job in Bangladesh. BCS is the nationwide competitive exam in Bangladesh conducted by the public service commission in Bangladesh. Public service commission (PSC) requirements in various civil service cadres which are BCS (Taxation), BCS (Foreign Affairs), (Admin), BCS and BCS (Police) among others.  BCS exam is held in three ways like the preliminary examination, the written examination and the viva voce (interview). Most of the time PSC takes 1 or 1.5 years to declare the BCS final result. So here is important that BCS exam preparation. If you get better BCS exam preparation for 37th BCS, You might succeed. But don’t worry In this post I will show you a valuable BCS exam preparation tips which I have collected from the reputed Bangladeshi daily News paper. To learn more about BCS examination you can read BCS Examination Wikipedia

Why Should You Follow BCS Exam Preparation Tips?

May be you are a BCS suffered person Or a new BCS candidate. However, It does not matter who are you. But If you would like to participate BCS exam, you have to hard work for your BCS study. You already know that to become a BCS cadre is not easy.

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BCS Exam tips

A huge number of students attend the BCS exam in every year. So there is no shortcut way to gain BCS. To get BCS, you have to gather more knowledge. You have to hard work day and night.

I have seen one of my friends who has gotten BCS in 2014. He worked hard study to get BCS. Most of the time he follows previous BCS exam questions to gather fresh knowledge. He also follows various newspapers for BCS exam preparation tips, watching TV to gather daily base knowledge and share them with other friends.

BCS Exam Preparation

37th BCS Exam Preparation Tips Paper Cutting

Over to You:

I have mentioned in my previous paragraph that Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam is not easy. If you want to get BCS, you have to gather more knowledge about Academie or outer world. But I think that this BCS preparation tip or post will help you to attain a little knowledge for your BCS exam.

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Hope you will be succeed in your 37th BCS exam.

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